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Control Panel - Monitoring

Here, you have the ability to establish effective monitoring policies that empower you to trigger an alert, automatically adjust the scale of a VPSie, or initiate a power action (such as powering off, reboot and etc), all guided by customizable policy rules outlined below,


To successfully establish a monitoring policy, ensure that the specified fields are completed. Follow the steps below to create a rule:


Policy Name: Provide a name for the policy.


Metric Selection: Choose the metric to be utilized in this rule.


Condition: Specify whether the condition is greater than or less than.


Threshold Percentage: Input the percentage threshold that activates the rule.


Periodicity: Choose the desired periodicity from the dropdown menu.


Monitoring Frequency: Select the frequency for monitoring.


Tags: Attach relevant tags for easier management and identification.


Action Type Configuration: Choose the desired action type and configure each accordingly.


Alert Recipients: Enter the email addresses to receive alerts.



Click on the Create Policy button in blue.


In the following screenshot, I am going to establish a rule. This rule will activate an email alert to [email protected] if the CPU percentage surpasses 10% for a duration of 5 minutes. Should the VM meet these conditions, the VPSie mail engine will promptly notify you.

To detach a monitoring rule from the server, just click on the Trash bin icon.

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