Feb 7, 20178

Deploying Meteor applications on Linux VPS

In this tutorial, we will explain you to Deploying Meteor applications on Linux. Meteor, or MeteorJS, is a free and open-source isomorphic JavaScript web framework written using Node.js. Meteor allows for rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) code. It integrates with MongoDB and uses the Distributed Data Protocol and a publish-subscribe pattern to automatically propagate data changes to clients without requiring the developer to write any synchronization code. On the client, Meteor can be used with its own Blaze templating engine, as well as with the Angular framework or React library. First, install MongoDB apt-get install mongodb-server After, install Node.js add-apt-repositoryppa:chris-lea/node.js apt-get update apt-get install nodejs Now install g++ make apt-get install g++ make Now configure web server for Meteor meteor build /path/to/output/directory After you run this command in that folder will generate one tar.gz file. So you need to unpack it by running these commands one by one: scp /path/to/output/appname.tar.gz [email protected].net:/path/to/upload/location ssh [email protected].net cd /path/to/upload/location tar -zxf appname.tar.gz Now install Install Meteor’s dependencies cd /path/to/unpacked/bundle/programs/server npm install To finish it, run Meteor PORT=3000 MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/myappname node main.js You have successfully deployed Meteor. Meteor in VPSie Enjoy it.

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