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PCS – Private Cloud Solution is one of our innovative offerings to add to the network security layer yet make it simple. Once you enable PCS service, you will have a dedicated firewall, NAT options, Selective internet access per private VPSies, the ability to do port forward, Add additional public IPs, Source NAT, destination NAT, 1:1 NAT, port blocking, Inbound traffic controls, Firewall rules, etc.

The diagram illustrates a scenario with 4 VPSie(s) within a datacenter – One VPSie is on public network and fully exposed to the internet while the other 3 are added to PCS. Node 1 & node 2 have internet access and node 3 doesn’t have internet access – This is a common scenario with 2 web-servers (node 1 & node 2) serving clients and one database server (node 3), While all 3 nodes can have direct private connection to each others only 2 nodes are exposed to the internet and the database is protected behind PCS.

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