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A feature-rich, powerful and resilient cloud computing platform designed with full automation features



Cloud computing with simplicity, security, and cost effectiveness in mind. We offer a variety of SSD based scalable powered packages to meet your needs. High performance computing build on modern cloud infrastructure, powered by pure SSD. We offer the most cost-effective solution built around:


Storage options are block storage with different tiers (SSD based and HDD based), Object storage as well as File storage, They all deployed and managed through the portal automatically without the need to reboot your resources or any downtime. Reliable and secure pure SSD cloud-based storage services for your business. One stop solution for all your storage needs.


We help you control your virtual networking environment by letting you choose your own IP Address range, create your own subnets, and configure route tables to any available gateways. You can customize the network configuration by creating a public-facing subnet for your web servers that has access to the internet. Place your backend systems, such as databases or application servers, in a private-facing subnet.


We offer one of the best in class appliance based FWaaS – Firewall as a service. This approach unifies traffic inspection and infiltration prevention for all your organization’s resources with one cloud-based firewall. This on-demand network security functionality is possible thanks to impressive progress in software and cloud technology and is quickly changing the day-today


Storage is, of course, just as important as compute. As name implies, these are elements of our Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service. Object storage makes files available as immutable object. So a file can be uploaded or download, viewed or read, but not edited. We have enabled a full API stack to allow you the flexibility of accessing and integration with your unstructured data sets.



We offer variety of DRaaS – Disaster recovery as a service option. Disaster recovery planning is critical to business continuity. Many disasters that have the potential to wreak havoc on an IT organization have become more frequent in recent years:


Our platform comes with free Highly Available DNS (ANYCAST Based)– Domain Name Services management hosting service. Use VPSie DNS to host your Domain Name System (DNS) domains in VPSie Cloud. Manage your DNS records using the same credentials, and billing and support contract, as your other VPSie services. Seamlessly integrate VPSie-based services with corresponding DNS updates and streamline your end-to-end deployment process. Additionally, You can benefit from


PCS – Private Cloud Solution is one of our innovative offerings to add to the network security layer yet make it simple. Once you enable PCS service, you will have a dedicated firewall, NAT options, Selective internet access per private VPSies, the ability to do port forward, Add additional public IPs, Source NAT, destination NAT, 1:1 NAT, port blocking, Inbound traffic controls, Firewall rules, etc.


Monitoring is a must for any organization leveraging the cloud, both for security and performance, but choosing the right application performance monitoring (APM) solution can be challenging. At VPsie we make it simple to monitor your resources and their performance via standard metrics. You can fine tune your monitoring policy and setup alerts based on.

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