About US

The first question that comes to our visitor’s mind usually is:  What is VPSie? How do I pronounce it?

VPSie stands for: “Virtual Private Server I Expect

It was a way to eliminate the spelling out of the VPS acronym while adding the personalized ownership “My VPSie” concept.
Pronounce it the same way you do with “Pepsi” 🙂  VPSie is Powerful and Fun!

In our world, each server is called “ VPSie” and a group of servers are VPSie(s).

VPSie is a private company owned and operated by a group of highly experienced skilled team members, Every team member is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to our clients ensuring that our service is tolerated to their business needs and affordable as possible. Most of our engineers achieved academic level industry-standard certifications for Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, VMware, Linux, Oracle, and many others.

VPSie is the first automation hosting provider to deliver true cloud hosting with simplicity – Introducing a firewalled dedicated gateway per client within datacenter (PCS: Private Cloud Solution) allowing our clients to complete tasks in few clicks such as port forwarding, NAT, Selective Internet access, Traffic isolation and blocking as well as unmetered private gigabit links within a private cloud.

Currently, we have a presence in data-centers in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, California in the USA and  Amsterdam is the first European presence to support our demand in the region, As we grow we are adding more locations to provide even more options and flexibility.

Our data-centers standard is minimum of Tier 3, As a responsible and proactive representative of the hosting industry, Hosting complies rigidly with standards of SSAE 16, CSAE 3416, ISAE 3402, PCI DDS, HIPPA, and Safe Harbor. These ensure that your business conforms to the highest standards mandated by industry and government authorities.

VPSie is a unique offering – Everything you see is a custom-made platform from end to end utilizing the power of pure KVM virtualization built on owned infrastructure from the core to edge to ensure that our clients have full control over their data, resources, and access.

Delivering a unique complete feature set with simplicity – Giving our clients the power to achieve setups that take days in just a few minutes, with great flexibility of future scalability by utilizing a template, cloning options as well as load balancing, and full DNS management.

We take data security seriously as we have implemented full isolation of client traffic from other clients within the same datacenter as well as delivering flexible recovery options in case of disasters such as snapshots, on-demand backup, and daily full automated backups.

Our dedicated team are constantly working hard on delivering new features and enhancements, Most likely you will see changes within your VPSie Server management panel/dashboard frequently – We hope you utilize our live support chat and talk to us about what you like and what you don’t like in our platform,

How do you think we could make VPSie better? Please provide your comments, feedback by email to feedback {at} vpsie.com

We recently got rewarded by HostAdvice for excellent service. Please take a moment to review what our clients have to say about our services.