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The object store guarantees that the data will not be lost

Storage is, of course, just as important as compute. As name implies, these are elements of our Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service. Object storage makes files available as immutable object. So a file can be uploaded or download, viewed or read, but not edited. We have enabled a full API stack to allow you the flexibility of accessing and integration with your unstructured data sets.

Block storage volumes can only be accessed when they’re attached to an operating system. But data kept on object storage devices, which consist of the object data and metadata, can be accessed directly through APIs or http/https. You can store any kind of data, photos, videos, and log files. The object store guarantees that the data will not be lost. Object storage data can be replicated across different data centers and offer simple web services interfaces for access.

A simple use case would see application developers who deal with large amounts of user-generated media, using object storage to store unlimited media files. As data stores scale to hundreds of terabytes and then into the petabyte range and beyond, object storage becomes even more attractive.

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