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We offer one of the best in class appliance based FWaaS - Firewall as a service

We understand that Firewall is one of the crucial element in an organization cybersecurity effort therefore, we offer one of the best in class appliance based FWaaS – Firewall as a service. This approach unifies traffic inspection and infiltration prevention for all your organization’s resources with one cloud-based firewall. This on-demand network security functionality is possible thanks to impressive progress in software and cloud technology and is quickly changing the day-today of security professionals, who are now able to enforce corporate security policies across the entire organization from a single place. Few of the highlighted benefits are:

  • In the “work from home” era, FWaaS is exceptional at extending network defenses to remote employees. They connect to the FWaaS through their designated client (usually a Business VPN or even a Network as a Service) and have automatic security when using the internet or accessing company cloud resources
  • Cloud-based firewalls are very simple and can be configured in modular ways to do specific jobs. For instance, a FWaaS can be configured to only direct traffic, but it can also filter URLs from within the network and defend against attacks. IT admins are able to choose which firewall functions to consume and which to ignore.
  • FWaaS cloud firewalls scale with organizational growth, both in terms of the expansion of security utility and easy application to new users and potential threats. It’s easy to add a new branch office or user to a FWaaS backend, and easier still to add more capacity or extend protection to additional resources – without hardware acquisition involved.

With all network traffic (data centers, HQ, branches, remote workers) visible in one cloud platform, Firewall as a Service architecture is simple compared to the old way, which was to combine multiple solutions and endpoints. IT no longer needs to work as hard to synchronize firewall policies across many sources of traffic, and gets better visibility.

  • The result of traffic unification across a simpler architecture, a FWaaS gives IT teams a single looking glass into the entire network and the data moving across it. It’s easy to integrate a FWaaS with a complex network featuring multiple sources of traffic and to see how they are responding to the policies that defend it.
  • Because there’s no hardware involved, IT teams are saved from tough configuration and maintenance that used to take up a lot of time. Because FWaaS is offered as cloud-consumed service, organizations are able to offload these responsibilities to their provider. This saves time and effort otherwise spent more productively.
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