Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPSie? How do I pronounce it?

VPSie stands for: “Virtual Private Server I Expect” It was a way to eliminate the spelling out of the VPS acronym while adding the personalized ownership “My VPSie” concept. In our world, We call every server a VPSie and group of servers VPSie(s) Pronounce it as a word, the same way you do with “Pepsi” 🙂 A feature-rich, powerful, and resilient cloud computing platform designed with full automation features. VPSie’s solutions are designed for today’s computing demands with a key focus on modern design, security, reliability, scalability, recoverability, and manageability

How to signup?

Fill out our contact form and or scan QR code and upon approval you will receive confirmation email for signup

SMTP service?

Due to security concern, we have disabled all such services. Please reach out to our team if you have any further questions on this topic


We do not offer any refunds, for any such concerns please open a ticket via your admin portal

Console Access?

We provide console access to your Vpsie servers.

What is PCS?

PCS (Private Cloud Solution) is a new proprietary innovation first introduced by VPSie to fill the gap between Private and Public cloud. Short version: We dedicate a firewall to each client. Long version: Once you enable PCS on the datacenter, You will immediately have a dedicated firewall, NAT options, Selective internet access per private VPSies, the Ability to do port forward, Add additional public IPs, Source NAT, destination NAT, 1:1 NAT, port blocking, Inbound traffic controls, Firewall rules etc. More details are in our blog PCS section.

Do you offer Data Backup?

By default, your data is not backed up unless you opt to do so. Once you create your first VPSie resource you will have the option to create backups (on-demand or scheduled). We highly recommend that you do this immediately. You also have the option to take snapshots. All backups are stored on highly redundant infrastructure.

Can I scale my VPSie up or down?

Yes, you can scale up or down your cloud server to a larger configuration anytime you wish. You can also Auto-Scale resources based on specific events such as CPU is greater than 90% for 5 minutes to add CPU core(s) to support the demand then remove that core when the event is cleared to save on costs Note: Disk can only be increased and not decreased.

If I power my VPSie server off, will I still be charged for it?

Yes, we bill for your SSD cloud server from the time you create it until you delete it. If you stop your server, we still have to reserve CPU, memory, and storage for your server even though it is not running, If you wont need a server for long-term simply take a backup (negligible charge) and restore it when needed

Can I install Windows Server on A0 package?

No, Windows server platforms require a minimum amount of disk space of 20GB while our A0 package has only 10GB as well as a minimum of 2GB of memory. Note: Each account have a limit of 3 A0 package since they are not profitable and are there for the sole purpose of testing our platform – After that, each package charges as A1 package at $8/month.

How do you charge for the services?

We have pay as you go charge back model. Given that we officer dedicated resources to power your platforms we do charge even though your server is powered off. Charges are allocated based on allocated resources and choice of OS

What happens if I run out of credits?

VPSie is a prepaid service – you must have credits for your resources to operate, our system sends 3 automatic reminders where the balance is low as well as 3 automatic warnings that the service is pending suspension, In event of no credits our system will automatically force shutdown on servers and data will be permanently deleted with any backups that might exist so please plan accordingly

How can I take advantage of private networking feature?

Private Network is a method of having an isolated network from the public internet, utilizing SDN (software-defined Network) We have made it simple for you to select from 3 options: 1- Public network only checked: Only public IP will be associated with your VPSie 2- Public network + Private network both checked: Your VPSie will be assigned 2 IPs – one on the public internet and another on a dedicated private network segment assigned to you 3- Private network only checked: Your VPSie will be assigned an IP within the dedicated private network segment assigned to you, and could access any VPSie within this specific dedicated private network segment Additional IPs (public / private ) can be added using the API or the portal without the need to reboot the guest OS


We welcome suggestions and you can potentially get a service credit for great ideas. Email us : ideas{@}