Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPSie? How do I pronounce it?

VPSie stands for: “Virtual Private Server I Expect” It was a way to eliminate the spelling out of the VPS acronym while adding the personalized ownership “My VPSie” concept. In our world, We call every server a VPSie and group of servers VPSie(s) Pronounce it as a word, the same way you do with “Pepsi” šŸ™‚ VPSie is Powerful and Fun!

Why not everyone can signup? - or Why do I need an invite?

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How Does Your Product Work?

We follow the same protocol for authorizing credit card transactions, So as soon as you add a credit card to your account we process a $1 charge on the card.. This fee varies by banks (from $0 to $5) – This amount will be credited to your account or refunded to your credit card based on your bank policies.

Do you offer Data Backup?

We do offer Backup options available for any VPSie either when you create your VPSie or anytime after creation.

Do you provide console access with my VPSieā€”and if so, why might I need it?

Yes we do provide direct console access to your VPSie, You would be able to login directly to the server from your account, run commands as well as watch / control your VPSie boot process, troubleshoot or even login as single user as needed.

Can I scale my VPSie up or down?

Yes, you can scale up or down your cloud server to a larger configuration anytime you wish. This feature available via the settings menu under your VPSie. Note: Disk can only be increased and not decreased.

If I power my VPSie server off, will I still be charged for it?

Yes, We bill for your SSD cloud server from the time you create it until you delete it. If you stop your server, we still have to reserve CPU, memory, and storage for your server even though it is not running.

Why do Windows servers cost more than Linux servers?

Most Linux distributions have no associated licensing cost. Microsoft charges a license fee for each Windows server used.

How safe is my data?

All data is stored on highly redundant infrastructure and we provide several options for auto/on-demand backups off host and offsite.

What are Backups, Snapshots, Which one do I need to use?

In a developing environment or production environment, we must have a way to revert back in case of any unforeseen reason, We have made all these options as simple as possible for you to take full advantage as follow: 1- Snapshots – Activated manually from VPSie Actions screen controls, Takes a recovery point of your VPSie that you can revert back to as needed and when needed. (snapshots are free) (not valid for full restore if the server is deleted or disk layout changed). 2- OnDemand Backups – Activated manually from VPSie Actions screen controls, Simply takes a full backup of your VPSie On Demand for a small fee of $0.20/GB. 3- Automatic Daily Backups – Activated at VPSie creation and simply take one full backup of your VPSie on daily basis for a small fee of $0.20/GB. Additional backup frequency or different retention policies can be applied upon request. With both backup options, you have the option to restore your VPSie or create a new VPSie “Clone” based on the backup image.

Do you have a datacenter in Europe?

Yes we have a presence in the Netherlands, and we are adding a datacenter presence on regular basis, Please check back later for more locations as added

Do you allow SMTP outbound? or Outbound mail?

Background: We have started VPSie without blocking SMTP ports and we hoped that we would never come to a need to block it. Within few days we have received several SPAM abuse reports from several entities across the internet while getting several IPs that we own blacklisted, At this point team had spent much time in order to clear those IPs and remove them from any DB. Now we are forced to block SMTP ports by default, Block can be lifted on a case by case basis for verified accounts. Clients who wish to send emails through a corporate mail server can use VPN to overcome these restrictions. At VPSie we recommend using third-party free and paid mail services that are available.

Do you offer refunds?

No, We don’t offer refunds, We also provide every new account with a total of one month free of service to analyze reliability, performance, and features. If you have an issue or questions, our team will diligently assist you. Please open up a support ticket.

What is PCS?

PCS (Private Cloud Solution) is a new proprietary innovation first introduced by VPSie to fill the gap between Private and Public cloud. Short version: We dedicate a firewall to each client. Long version: Once you enable PCS on the datacenter, You will immediately have dedicated firewall, NAT options, Selective internet access per private VPSies, Ability to do port forward, Add additional public IPs, Source NAT, destination NAT, 1:1 NAT, port blocking, Inbound traffic controls, Firewall rules etc. More details in our blog PCS section.

Can I install Windows Server on A0 package?

No, Windows server platforms require a minimum amount of disk space 16GB while our A0 package has only 10GB as well as a minimum of 2GB of memory. Note: Each account have a limit of 5 A0 package since they are not profitable and are there for the sole purpose of testing our platform – After that, each package charges as A1 package at $8/month.

How is hourly billing calculated? Example?

VPSie is a prepaid hourly billing model – Simply we bill every hour for the used resources… Each month is 720 hours – So if you add $100 credits then you use a server for one day we will only charge the cost for 24 hours based on the hourly rate of the package you used. if the rate is $0.01/hour then you will be charged $0.24 for the 24 hours and your credit will stay in the account $99.76 available credit for use at a later date. Packages need 15 days worth of credits to unlock. Note: Windows license fee of $10 is charged on monthly basis and not hourly. Although we offer hourly billing there is zero tolerance to abuse of creation and deletion of VPSie(s) to generate IPs, A VPSie created and deleted prior to 15 days could be flagged for abuse. Detailed invoices are available at the 1st of every month showing the previous month’s usage.

What happens if I run out of credits?

VPSie is a prepaid service – means you must have credits for your resources to operate, Our system sends 3 automatic reminders where the balance is low as well as 3 automatic warnings that the service is pending suspension, In event of no credits our system will automatically force shutdown on servers and data will be permanently deleted with any backups that might exist.

How can I take advantage of private networking feature?

Private Network is a method of having an isolated network from the public internet, We have made it simple for you to select from 3 options: 1- Public network only checked: Only public IP will be associated with your VPSie. 2- Public network + Private network both checked: Your VPSie will be assigned 2 IPs – one on the public internet and another on a dedicated private network segment assigned to you. 3- Private network only checked: Your VPSie will be assigned an IP within the dedicated private network segment assigned to you, and could access any VPSie within this specific dedicated private network segment.

I have a suggestionā€”to whom do I send it?

If you have recommendations on how we can improve our SSD VPSie experience, please let us know by emailing ideas@VPSie.com, In fact, you may get rewarded by publishing your idea and send money your way or credit added to your account as an appreciation of your efforts.