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What is Leafpub? How to Install?

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All You Need to Know About Leafpub And Installing Steps

What is Leafpub and how do i install and set it up?

Leafpub is open-source publishing content to a blog stage with inline altering, handlebar formats, and a lovely UI (user interface).


Presenting the main open-source distributing stage to include a genuine WYSIWYG editorial manager. Bid farewell to exhausting structures and rich-text controls. Make a proper acquaintance with inline altering.


Leafpub · GitHub

Features of Leafpub

Inline Editing: Inline altering is the most vivid and spontaneous approach to oversee content. What you are altering looks precisely like what you will see when your LeafPub post is saved. 


Responsive Design: Works on any digital platform, Desktop/PC, tablet, and phone. Leafpub highlights a cutting-edge, responsive plan that molds itself to whatever gadget you end up utilizing. 


Posts and Pages: Leafpub puts your substance first. Search or peruse your posts from the administrator board. Choosing a post will deliver a half-size see of the post, so you will generally know precisely the item/task you are working on or completing. 


Clients: Blog solo or add your group. Leafpub underpins administrator, manager, and creator jobs, each with fluctuating degrees of advantages. Each client has their own profile, including symbol, cover photograph, site, area, and bio. 


Labels: Leafpub utilizes labels to classify content. Each tag has its name, portrayal, cover photograph, and meta information. Oversee labels from an uncommon segment in the administrator board, or make them on the fly as you compose a post.


Is LeafPub a high-quality application?

That’s for you to decide. These are the ratings:


Install LeafPub on a VPSie (VPS Server)

You can install LeafPub on a Centos or Ubuntu or Debian server using apache web server or nginx web server, also installing: MySQL, Fail2Ban, and any other firewalls such as WAF/CSF. 


The most common method to install LeafPub on a VPSie Server licensed with cPanel is using softaculous you can install LeafPub in 2 clicks. Softaculous is available with DirectAdmin and ControlWebPanel and many other Website Contol Panels. 


Simple, beautiful publishing.

Website   Documentation  

Created by Cory LaViska

Maintained by Marc Apfelbaum



  • PHP 7.1+ with curl, gd lib, mbstring, openssl & pdo
  • MySQL 5.5.3+



This is the development repo! You’ll need to build Leafpub using the instructions below before running it.


Download the latest ready-to-use version from:



Leafpub uses Composer and NPM to manage dependencies and Gulp as its task runner. To contribute to this project, you’ll need to clone the repository and install the required development tools listed below.



Please read through our contributing guidelines.

Something is wrong with a translation? Your language isn’t available? Please read through the language section



Once you have the necessary development tools installed:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Navigate to the root directory of your cloned repo
  3. Run the following command:
composer install

Composer will install its own dependencies and then run npm install. This may take a few minutes as packages are downloaded. Once complete, Composer will trigger gulp build which will generate all the assets you need to run Leafpub.


Important: You’ll also need to add the default theme to content/themes/range/ manually. This will happen automatically once Leafpub is out of beta.


Using Gulp

From the root directory, you can use gulp help to see all available tasks:

    gulp [TASK] [OPTIONS...]

Available tasks
    build          Run all build tasks. [build:fonts, build:images, build:prune, build:scripts, build:styles]
    build:fonts    Build font assets. [clean:fonts]
    build:images   Optimize images. [clean:images]
    build:prune    Prune unused files from vendor packages.
    build:scripts  Build scripts. [jshint, clean:scripts]
    build:styles   Build styles. [clean:styles]
    clean          Clean up generated files. [clean:fonts, clean:images, clean:scripts, clean:styles]
    clean:fonts    Delete generated fonts.
    clean:images   Delete generated images.
    clean:scripts  Delete generated scripts.
    clean:styles   Delete generated styles.
    default        Run the default task. [watch]
    help           Display this help text.
    jshint         Lint source scripts with JSHint.
    release:clean  Delete all generated releases.
    release:make   Generate a release.
    watch          Watch for script and style changes.

For development, use gulp watch to automatically compile Sass/JavaScript as you work.



You can run Leafpub on PHP’s built in web server using the following command:

php -S localhost:8080 -t app

Then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

Note: You might need to use instead of localhost in your database config!



Marc Apfelbaum



Please visit for support.


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