Mar 5, 2021

What are cloud servers-what can I do with a cloud server?

What is a cloud server?

Cloud computing a cloud server is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet.

What is a cloud server used for?

cloud server is a powerful physical or virtual infrastructure that performs application- and information-processing storage. Cloud servers are created using

virtualization software to divide a physical (bare metal) server into multiple virtual servers.

If you are wondering about the difference between server and cloud computing – In a cloud server, you don’t need to buy and maintain any hardware as everything is ‘handled’ by the service provider (VPSie) whereas the user rents or buys the server, software, and other resources from the web hosting provider in a dedicated environment.

Where is the cloud server located? Any data and apps you have in the Cloud are physically stored on a server located at our data center or server farm. Cloud Space/Storage is all yours and physically separate so that others cannot access it.

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Simple easy to understand cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is a server and network infrastructure that uses software to divide a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. Often, these devices are referred to and known as virtual machines or VMs or VPS Server or VPSie.

Public Cloud (What can i do with a Cloud Server?)

The user typically configures public Cloud via a control panel and RESTful API. You can create cloud servers in seconds, easily scaled up, and deleted them whenever you wish. You only pay for what you use with our Cloud Servers. We offer on-demand pricing and discounted term pricing for those users who plan to deploy their resources for 12 months or longer. Additionally, we have created one-click install applications for the more commonly used server configurations, such as LAMP, LEMP, WordPress, Node.js, October CMS, Control Panels and muich more, not forgetting cPanel/WHM, CWP/ControlWebPanel, and many more. Public cloud servers may also be easily scaled as needed depending on the needs of yourself or the business, you work with or for. Public Cloud allows users to maintain and configure their setup without having to request outside help each time minor changes or upgrades are needed. Public Cloud can be easily configured for:

· Website hosting

· WordPress hosting

· eCommerce

· Email servers

· Forex trading

· File storage and sharing

· Cloud databases

· File backups

· Test and development servers

· Remote desktop environments

· Communications hosting

· Collaboration tools and software 

Easy to understand Cloud Hosting questions answered:

If you are wondering what cloud hosting is all about, check the information below:

Private Cloud or private virtualization provides you the same redundancies as our Public Cloud offerings, but with the added security of dedicated hardware. Our team will work with you to custom-design a private cloud environment that suits your company’s needs. With Private Cloud also comes the opportunity to install any supported operating system. With a Private Cloud, you get redundant networking, power, and storage. VPSie can also setup custom replication clusters to help reduce any downtime. With replication, each of your servers is being synchronized on two different physical hosts. If one goes down, it will fail-over to the other machine. Private Cloud is an excellent fit for those managing sensitive data, and that cannot afford any downtime.

Hybrid Cloud gives you the best of both worlds. For your compassionate data and critical workloads, you can deploy a custom Private Cloud environment. For development environments and less critical workloads, like customer-facing websites, those can be easily deployed in our Public Cloud. This type of hybrid environment is especially useful when combined with container technologies like Docker. Your less-critical applications can be updated frequently and retain great global reliability across our global data centers, all while keeping your sensitive databases secluded in the private Cloud.

Managed Cloud is set up initially by our cloud technicians and is released to you once the setup and basic configuration are completed. Managed Cloud also offers configurations with VPSie system solutions for better hosting. These important security measures are administrated by VPSie technicians. This provides you with the peace of mind that additional security brings along with the optimally configured server environment. If a user needs a more complex configuration or does not have the technical resources or time to devote, managed Cloud is typically a great fit.

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