How to Generate an MTR Report

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How to Generate an MTR Report


A mtr is the result of both a ping and a traceroute. This tool provides network diagnostics by sending continuous packets that demonstrate the ping time per hop. In addition, it displays network problems along the entire route of the network packets.



We will explain how to generate MTR reports in this tutorial.



1. Log on to your server,


2. Execute the MTR command

mtr -rw [destination_host] 


Replace “destination host” with the domain or IP address you wish to test the connectivity with. By default, an MTR report sends 10 packets.


A command and output example follows. This is the Google DNS IP( we used as the destination host. To replace it with a real destination host, use the one you intend to investigate.  

mtr -rw

MTR report



That’s it!




Our goal in writing this article is to give you an idea about how to generate an MTR report and we hope this article has given you a better understanding.





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