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Control Panel – Network & Security



Public IP configuration: You may select IPv4, IPv6,Private network, or any combination, Choose IPv4 or IPv6 only if you want to access public internet and don’t run private networking, or IPv4 and Private IP if needed to take advantage of private cloud, in this way your VPSie would talk to both inside and outside your network.


Private IP configuration: This VPSie will reside in a network that is only accessible to other resources in the same network. You can use VPC networks to organize and isolate resources into a more secure infrastructure for your applications. Additionally, you have the option of creating your own virtual private cloud (VPC) or selecting one from the default list.


SSH Key: Choose an SSH key to use on your selected Linux VPSie or click on the “+” icon to add a new one.


Startup Script: Select an automation script to run (execute) on your server as it (boots) starts up. You can add and manage automation scripts Here. Automation scripts helps you automate most post installation and customization tasks by having them embedded within a script.


Hostname: VPSie is programmed to automatically generate a hostname for you, or you can manually enter the hostname of your VPSie, Use short or FQDN name format.


Password: You have two options for creating your password. From the “password configure” drop-down menu, you can select the options. We will email you credentials once you create your VPSie.


Add a note:  You can use the field to record a note if you wish.


Add a Tags:  You can use the field to add tags for your server, It help you Manage VPSies, add one or more label and press Space,Tap or Enter.


Your Projects: In order to attach your VPSie to a particular project, simply choose it from the list.


Check the box to enable automatic backupsWith VPSie you have the ability to deploy multiple VPSies based on your configuration, simply adjust the toggle to change the number.



Finally, press the “Add VPSie“.


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