BGP This feature allows you to bring your own IP space and use it across any of your locations. In order to use BGP you will need your own IP space (V4 or V6). You can use an existing ASN […]

Snapshot Snapshot is a logical copy of volume content, taken at a particular point in time. Snapshot takes a recovery point of your VPSie that you can revert to as needed and when needed. You can snapshot a whole server […]

Load Balancer Load Balancers let you distribute traffic between multiple VPSies and are a good way to horizontally scale your app.   Using a load balancer as a gateway gives you the flexibility to change your backend infrastructure without affecting […]

Backups Besides snapshot we also offer backups for a small fee of $0.20/GB. You can take a full backup automatically and on-demand. Automatic backups are taken daily. With backups you can create a new VPSie server or just restore it […]

Firewall Firewalls place a barrier between your servers and other machines on the network to protect them from external attacks. block traffic at the network layer before that traffic reaches your resources. Because of this, traffic logs are not available. […]

Monitoring Monitoring is a great service to keep up with servers’ health. Our control panel allows you to monitor servers in different ways. You can monitor CPU and RAM usage, network IN & OUT usage, and also disks write and […]

Networking   VPC Network Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network ensures secure traffic between any resources like VPSies, and load balancers. Any resources you create within a VPC can communicate securely over their private IP Addresses. You can use VPC networks […]