Control panel - Backups​ Policies



Here you can control your backup jobs that can be scheduled so that they are executed automatically on specific days and times and you can specify which backups you want to keep flexibly.






Create a policy : Creating a new policy will take you to a wizard where you need to select the, backup plan (Daily, Weekly or Monthly), periodicity (every how much day, week, or month of your plan), Retention type (which backup is retained, all or last one), Frequency (how many times a backup is taken within the specified plan), Which VPSie servers the policy applies to & finally choose a policy name or leave it to automatic name generation then press “Create Policy”.





Manage policy : After creating one you can manage your backup policy by clicking on the policy name, you will be taken to the managing section where you can manage your policy. You can edit the policy and add or delete VPSie(s) as needed.






Delete a policy : Press the red trash bin icon in the “Actions” column and in the end of the policy raw you want to delete in the “Backup Policies” section,



That’s it!