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Business needs are not like one size fits all and when it comes to computing and virtual resources it does indeed differ dramatically,

Depending on the environment, the application needs, number of clients being serviced, Team size, architecture, the technology used, and many other factors so a flexible model that can be easily understood and make financial and business sense is a must,

Here at VPSie, we focus on simplicity and usability while helping our clients achieve their needs efficiently with the most saving possible for that we have created the below flexible packages :




A Series: Any purpose server that offers shared resources (vCPU, Memory) providing a cost-effective solution that can fit the most common development environments and short term testing and lightweight applications such as low traffic web servers or a small database, or even a development cluster.




M Series: Memory-Optimized packages are dedicated vCPU and 100% memory availability and reservation, Recommended for memory dependant applications, heavy data processing, performance databases, and even in-memory cache drives or ephemeral storage.




C Series: Compute Optimized packages are high frequency dedicated vCPU and the dedicated memory for high processing dependant applications such as DevOps tools, batch processing, machine learning, and high traffic websites.




G Series:** GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) offers an on-demand GPU parallel processing power ideal for video processing, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and scientific computing needs, this features an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6xxx (Other cards can be ordered on-demand) with the power of CUDA, Tensor, and a variety of deep learning workloads.




N Series:** NVMe performance enabled SSD powered on-demand storage with dedicated vCPU and memory recommended for data analytics and TimeScaleDB or monitoring, or any application that requires instant data access.




Custom packages: Packages are made specifically to meet your needs, Doesn’t matter the affinity, resource mapping or you mixing to packages together to fulfill your needs, Contact [email protected] for requesting custom packages.





At VPSie we provide the flexibility to businesses so they can start with a general-purpose package then seamlessly* switch to a more suitable package that meets their business needs.




All packages do support our unified deployment workflow with no difference if you deploying a Linux, Windows workloads or utilizing our 1-click apps marketplace for deploying a 3 tier application (OS, Database and webserver) in seconds, importing an ISO image for your unique appliance or migrating your legacy virtual machine from VMware VMDK file, VHD (Hyper-V) image, deploy from a backup or even a snapshot.




All packages not only give you full flexibility of moving around between packages as your business needs change but also allow you to automatically scale up and down within the package by adding vCPU and memory when your resources are taxed.




* In some cases, migration of machines across hypervisors might be necessary to utilize the proper hardware according to the desired plan.




** Availablity varies depending on location and demand and reservation may be required in some cases.