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Control Panel – Backups

 Backups are generated as required and can be restored at any given moment. They are stored external to the host machine and can be transferred to different locations as necessary. 


Generate a backup: Creating a backup for VPSie is a simple process. Initially, input your name in the backup name field, or the system will generate a random name. You can include additional notes in the following field and subsequently click on Backup Now.

 After the backup is complete, Click the icon in the Action column under Backup to expand it and view the manage activities.



The Backup details can be found by clicking on the + button on the left side.

Auto backups on VPSie VM (Virtual Machine) automatically creates and stores backups of your data and settings at regular intervals, ensuring data security and easy recovery in case of unexpected issues.

You have the option to use the toggle bar to activate or deactivate Auto-backup for your VPSie on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Backup Policies, Here you have the ability to manage your backup tasks, scheduling them to run automatically on designated days and times. You can also customize which backups to retain according to your preferences.



When you click the blue + symbol, backup policies can be added to your VPSie. It is not available by default, but it can be created by clicking Here or using the + icon. You will be directed to the backup policy creation page.


To create Backup Policy, ensure completion of the following fields:

Backup Plan: Determine the frequency of backups: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Every: Specify the occurrence interval for backups, e.g., every N days.

Retention Type: Define the retention strategy for backups, specifying how long the backup data should be preserved.

Frequency: Indicate the preferred frequency for executing the backup procedures, ensuring a regular and consistent backup schedule.

Select Servers: Choose one or more servers to apply this Backup policy, ensuring that backup procedures are executed exclusively for the selected servers.

Name: Assign a name to the Backup Policy.

Tags: Assign relevant tags to the Backup Policy for organizational and categorization purposes, facilitating easier management and identification.

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