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Control Panel – Buckets

Buckets empower users to efficiently organize and streamline their virtual resources. With intuitive controls and seamless integration, Buckets offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing VPS management.

Bucket Deployment

Select your preferred datacenter region: Choose a single data center location for your Bucket deployment.

File Configuration: Please select whether you want to enable or disable your file configuration.

Bucket Name: Please specify your preferred name for the bucket, or you can opt for the automatically generated name.

Attach to Project: If you have multiple projects, select the project where you want your bucket to be located from the drop-down menu on this tab.

Add Tag: You can add tags to your bucket for better organization and management.

Once done, click on the Create Bucket button to initiate the deployment process.

To manage your bucket and its contents, simply click on the bucket name on the left-hand side. 

On the right-hand side, you’ll find a range of actions you can take:

  • Copy the Access Key
  • Copy the Secret Key
  • Adjust File Listing Settings
  • Delete the bucket.

Manage Key Creation

Bucket management key creation involves generating a unique identifier or access key that enables administrators or users to manage buckets within a storage system efficiently. This key grants access to various functions such as creating, deleting, or modifying buckets, controlling access permissions, and configuring storage settings.

To generate a new key for your bucket, just enter your desired key name, or opt for an automatically generated one, then click the Add Key button.

After generating the New Key, simply click on Access Key to automatically copy the identifier, and do the same for the Secret Key by clicking on Secret Key

To delete the Key, click on the Trash bin icon located on the right-hand side.

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