What is bbpress & How to install on a VPSie

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What is bbpress & How to install on a VPSie

What is bbpress? The Way to add a Forum to WordPress.

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bbpress is a WordPress plugin that provides forum performance to WordPress. It helps you create a full-featured forum as:

  • Your Whole WordPress website
  • A small part of your current WordPress website

bbpress is free, open-source, and intends to be a lightweight solution that won’t slow your website down.

In this article, you will discover what bbPress is, how it’s linked to BuddyPress, and how you can begin with your own set of bbPress forums.

What are the origins of bbpress?

As a project, bbPress was originally launched way back in 2004 as a way for the WordPress.org support forums. Matt Mullenweg (among the creators of WordPress) was that the original developer and Automattic (the firm behind WordPress.com) still plays a significant role in the plugin’s creation.

The impetus for your bbPress job Was the slow code and featured limitations present in a lot of the forum Software at the moment. As a result, bbPress has claimed its accent On being a lightweight solution that will not bog down your website with Unnecessary features.

What is bbpress suitable for?

bbpress is a simple, free solution that can help you put in a forum to WordPress, utilizing many WordPress’ native capabilities.

Since your forum is a native part of your WordPress website, you will be able to benefit from the WordPress user registration system and the vast choice of WordPress plugins free for you to use 

What is the distinction between bbpress and BuddyPress?

When comparing bbPress vs. BuddyPress, many people get a bit confused. These two are Automattic-piloted plugins that help you construct a community on your WordPress site. But each is used in a slightly different manner — and you can also use them contemporary to get the best use of both.

So, what is the difference? BuddyPress makes it possible to produce a sort of”social networking” with WordPress. Your customers can:

  • Have detailed public member profiles
  • Join groups
  • Send personal messages
  • Receive notifications
  • And much more.

Much of the performance is pretty beneficial to get a forum, which is why it’s simple to integrate bbPress with BuddyPress.

By delegating the two together, you’re able to combine bbPress’ forum Concentrate with BuddyPress’ improved profiles along with other community-focused aspects.

How do some bbpress demos work?

If you have made it this Way, You May Be interested in Just How bbPress functions. As opposed to attempting to explain it, we think that it’s easier to discuss some working bbPress demos so that you can play with it yourself.

 bbPress boost forum itself is an excellent example of the Way bbPress looks with its default styling (bbPress may look different on your website because it will try to match its styling into your subject as much as possible):

Contrastingly, if you’re considering a look at what you can do using bbPress and some custom styling, you might be adhered to playing around with the Advanced Custom Fields support forum.

Both are running the same inherent plugin (bbPress), but Advanced Custom Fields has layered on some design customizations to earn bbPress a better match inside its design.

Some WordPress topics will also offer built-in bbPress Support to ensure bbPress forums mechanically appear great without you having to lift a finger. And you can also find bbPress topics that are Entirely devoted to bbPress

How do i use bbpress?

We’re just going to hit the highlights in this segment, bbpress is a free plugin listed at WordPress.org so that you may install it like you would install any other WordPress plugin.

When it is installed, you’ll be able to configure your general forum settings by going to Settings → Forums. And You’ll also have three new custom article kinds to handle:

  • Personal forums
  • Issues
  • Replies

For Instance, if you go to Forums → New Forum, you’ll Have the Ability to Incorporate a Single forum category and set its parent (optional) and visibility:

By default, your main forum list is going to be found at “yourdomain.com/forums.” But if you want to change that, you can change the various URL slugs by merely going to Preferences → Forums and looking to your Forum Root Slug, Single Forum Slugs, and Forum User Slugs options:

Use bbpress to add additional functionality. 

While you’re free to use routine WordPress plugins on your bbPress forum, you may also discover many bbPress plugins explicitly built to add functionality to the center bbPress plugin. If you would like to seek out such plugins, a fantastic place to begin your hunt is your official bbPress plugin listings. And you can also discover other plugins by searching the WordPress.org plugin directory for bbPress:

And that’s it! We hope you now have a better comprehension of what bbPress is and how it can help you incorporate a forum into WordPress.

Install the bbpress plugin 

Download the bbpress WordPress plugin from the official site here.

If you do not currently have WordPress installed or setup you would need to install apache web server or nginx web server and MySQL database on to your VPSie Server (VPS Server). You can also use a free website control panel such as ControlWebPanel or even better cPanel.

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