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What is Directus? How to install on a VPSie?

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Learn about Directus? How to install on a VPSie?

What is Directus? How to install on a VPSie? (VPS Server)

Directus is an open-source platform that provides a real-time API and instinctive Admin Program for your custom database. Built on node.js and vue.js 3, both non and administrators’ users can see and manage the content/data stored within pure SQL databases. It can be used specifically as a CMS for handling job content, a database client for modeling and viewing raw data, or a standalone customizable WebApp.

What makes Directus unique?

Directus dynamically creates custom API endpoints based on your SQL database habit schema in real time — something we call “Database Mirroring.” Whether you put in fresh or in addition to a current database, you always maintain complete control over your accurate database, including tables, columns, data types, default values, indicators, relationships, etc.

Perhaps among the most significant benefits of Database Mirroring is direct access to pure and unaltered data. That means you can even bypass the Directus middleware (API, SDK, Program) and link to your information with proper SQL questions — efficiently removing all bottlenecks, additional latency, or proprietary access constraints.

Directus is a simple solution for complex problems. Every aspect of Directus is data-first and guided by these core principles:

There isn’t any predefined version or proprietary rules for the agnostic schema, and all system settings are saved individually.

Open –The whole codebase is public and transparent, allowing for end-to-end audits. Nothing is obfuscated or black-boxed.

Mobile: Data is saved in your bespoke database and may be migrated/exported/backed-up at any moment. No vendor lock-in. No arbitrary limitations or paywall restrictions.

Extensible — Each aspect of the platform is modular, allowing you to adapt, personalize, and quickly expand the Core engine.

Unopinionated: Choose your stack (node or PHP), database (all SQL vendors), API (REST or GraphQL), and infra (self-hosted or Cloud).

The Directus Ecosystem.

Open-source Engine.

Completely free and accessible on the GPLv3 license, Directus is publicly available within its npm package and principal GitHub repository (opens new window). It comprises our dynamic API engine (node.js), the intuitive Admin Program (vue.js 3), this documentation (markdown), and all dependencies.

#On-Demand Cloud

Our VPSie Cloud system for quick installs of Directus on a multitenant infrastructure.

#Enterprise Cloud

Committed hardware, custom limitations, uptime SLAs, and more are available on this premium handled solution from a custom qoute at VPSie should you need our expert assistance.


In addition to handling multilingual content, the Directus Admin App itself may also be translated into different languages. The languages are taken through the Directus CrowdIn (opens new window), which provides a friendly interface and automatically deletes pull-requests to the git repository.


Coming soon—a library of paid and free Directus extensions created by the Directus core and community members.

How to install Directus on a VPSie (VPS Server)

Use our one-click cPanel app setup or manually install cPanel or any website control panel of your choice. You can also use no panel and install apache or nginx with MySQL using Centos or any VPSie operating system listed in your VPSie management panel.

Once you have your website control panel installed, you can then setup Direstus using Softaculous 1 click auto-installer.

Install Softaculus in cPanel (Other website control panels will differ)

Quick Installation

If you would like to get the installation finished fast, download the script packages in the background using this method below.

Note: Before starting the installation, make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled. For that, go to WHM and click on Tweak Settings. Please make sure that the Ioncube loader is selected for the backend copy of PHP. Now SSH to your server and enter the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755

./ –quick


  • A server with cPanel (follow different instructions for a different website control panel)
  • If you have a firewall, then please allow access to download all packages from *

Note: Please allow access to the following domains to your firewall as these are the mirrors used to download the script packages. # # # # # #

Installing Softaculous Full Install

Note: Before starting the installation, make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled. You may refer to the following guide Enable_Ioncube_cPanel. Please make sure that the Ioncube loader is selected for the backend copy of PHP. Now SSH to your server and enter the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755


Now go to: WHM > Plugins (Add-Ons on older versions than 11) > Softaculous – Instant Installs.

You should now see the installation was successful!

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