A Simple Way to Reset Ubuntu to the Default Settings

Reset Ubuntu settings on VPSie

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A Simple Way to Reset Ubuntu to the Default Settings

People who have used Ubuntu for a long time will sometimes need to reset the settings to the default for various reasons. Ubuntu-based distributions offer this functionality. Once a program has stopped working, leaving a terminal in an abnormal state, can be very useful. In the event that carriage return does not work, you may need to type reset to get the terminal working. This handy little trick will make the setup process more straightforward.






Here is the single command for resetting Ubuntu’s settings to default, run the following command from a terminal window:



# dconf reset -f /


Data in Dconf’s database is unrelated to your files and folders and will remain as they are,  It will not remove any files from your drive. This command resets all of your user configuration settings to the factory defaults.


Now run a system reboot:


# sudo reboot


That’s it, We hope you enjoyed this article.




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