Install Git on CentOS 7

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Install Git on CentOS




A version control system such as Git allows developers to track changes to code, Using this free and powerful tool, you can easily manage small to very large projects effectively. The tracking of software versions is done with this version control tools. The solution allows multiple developers to collaborate on non-linear development.




It is assumed that your brand-new cloud server instance is deployed with CentOS 7 on VPSie. The following tutorial will demonstrate how to install Git on a CentOS 7 cloud server on VPSie.






So Let’s begin,






Start by installing Git on your server,

yum install git





Be sure Git has been installed correctly and verify the version installed,

git --version





The output should be like this,

# git --version
git version






Next you need to configure the Git,





  • Choose a name for yourself, here we are using “testuser”


git config --global testuser



  • Specify your email address.
git config --global [email protected]




Verify that the configuration is correct by running,

git config --list




The output should be like this,



# git config --list
[email protected]


With this configuration, you will not see an error message and will not need to revise your commits after submitting them.



Git should now be installed on your system and ready for use

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