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Sep 14, 2017

How to complete common dashboard tasks in VPSie (Create, Clone, Console access, Delete and Restore).

This guide will show you How to complete common dashboard tasks in VPSie (Create, Clone, Console access, Delete and Restore).

Create, Clone, Console access, Delete and Restore are common dashboard tasks in VPSie Control Panel.Common dashboard tasks provide you to easily and quickly manage many processes. To follow this tutorial you need one account in VPSie.If you don’t have an account, you can register by following this link.

Create VPSie Task

Create task provide you to quickly create VPS server. Screenshot_14 First, select any plan which you want. Screenshot_4 After, Select any Data Center. Screenshot_16 Next, choose any operating system. Screenshot_14 Screenshot_17 Type any hostname.Free choose. You can use FQDN or simple hostname – Typed exactly where it says EnterHostname After finishing those steps, click Create VPSie and your server will be up 30 seconds later. Access details will be emailed to you.

Manage VPSie

The main dashboard of VPSie shows all the current active VPSie(s) both powered on and powered off instances. You can click on any of them for granular management which include console access, Password reset, network changes, backups and snapshot options and activity logs. First Click on VPS that you want to manage. Screenshot_18 Example for creating a snapshot —> Actions button and select Snapshot Screenshot_19 Next, type any Snapshot Name and click Snapshot Now. Screenshot_20 Greetings, you successfully cloned VPS.

Console access

This will open up a connection to your VPSie, The same as if you are in front of a physical server using a Keyboard and mouse!. First, go to VPS Control Panel and click in VPS to manage it. Screenshot_21 After, Click Access button and choose Console access. Screenshot_22 Now click on Console Access button and log in with access details that emailed to you.

Delete VPSie

This will destroy your VPSie, files and ALL associated BACKUPs. Destroy might take up to 8 minutes. Proceed with caution! First, go and manage VPS in VPSie Control Panel. Screenshot_23 After, click Danger button and choose Delete. Screenshot_24 Put Account Password in the text area and click Delete to confirm this action.

Rebuild Task

This will destroy your VPSie, files and ALL associated BACKUPs. Resulting in a fresh build of the original image you selected when you originally created your VPSie. Proceed with caution! This task is specifically helpful if you would like to change the underlying operation system (example from LAMP to LEMP or pure Ubuntu) while keeping the same IP unchanged – very helpful if you have DNS records already created and many other scenarios. First, go to VPS management. Screenshot_25 Click Danger button and select Restore. Screenshot_26 #1 Click in that area and choose the operating system that you want to restore. #2 Click Restore to confirm this action Enjoy