Control Panel - Two Factor Authentication





Here you can secure your account using Two-Factor Authentication. You can complete the form here as follows:





Register With Two-Factor: Once you get started with 2FA you will get a QR Code to scan in order to enable 2FA. First, install Google Authenticator on your phone.





Your key: This is the key that identifies you in Google Authenticator, you can also copy and paste this key to the app or just scan the QR Code.








Pin Code: Once you have scanned the QR Code you will get a code that will be available for a few seconds, you need to write it in pin code and click on Register with Auth button.






Recovery Codes: After you have registered with Two-Factor, you will get some recovery codes that you need to save in case if you lose your phone to regain access to your account.





Disable 2FA: If you want to disable 2FA, go to the Two-Step Authentication and click on Disable 2FA button. Next, you will be asked for a code generated from Google Authenticator.












That’s it!