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How to Upgrade Ubuntu 21.04 to 21.10

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How to Upgrade Ubuntu 21.04 LTS to 21.10



A feature that makes Ubuntu so great is the ability to upgrade from one version to the next. It allows you to take advantage of the latest software, such as security patches, as well as a host of upgraded features without having to do a complete system reinstall. So let’s begin the upgrade.





  • This could take over an hour. 
  • Atleast 5GB of free disk space is required.


Step 1: Update the system


Before we get started, let’s take a look at the current Ubuntu release. Run the following command:


# lsb_release -a


Introduce your Ubuntu Hirsute to its latest updates by running the following command.


# sudo apt-get update


Step 2: Install the most recent version


On a brand new Hirsute Hippo, the command will take about 550MB and will likely take up more space on an older system.


# sudo apt-get upgrade --yes


Follow the dist-upgrade instructions below once the upgrade is complete.


# sudo apt-get dist-upgrade --yes


You should reboot your Ubuntu computer after you complete the upgrade.


Step 3: Upgrade System


Upgrade to the new version by running the following command:


# sudo do-release-upgrade


Approximately 1GB of download space and time will be required for this process. Therefore, please be patient.

Make sure you restart your computer after the upgrade and check your version. You’re done. I hope you found it informative! 


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