How to Remove Webmin from Linux




Webmin is a web-based system administration tool for Unix-like systems, although it is also available for Windows operating systems. With Webmin, you can manage the internals of your operating system, like users, disk quotas, services, and configuration files, in addition to modification and control of open-source apps like Apache HTTP Server, PHP, and MySQL






This tutorial will demonstrate how to remove webmin from Linux.







So let’s start,





The steps below will show you how to removethe webmin program from a Linux machine.






1. First of all stop webmin





# service webmin stop





2. Verify that Webmin is installed and configured correctly.




# rpm -qa | grep webmin





3. Use the “rpm -e” command to remove webmin.





# rpm -e webmin-1.920-1.noarch





5. The yum command also allows you to remove webmin.




# yum remove webmin





6. Webmin can also be removed via script.




# /etc/webmin/





We hope you will be able to efficiently uninstall Webmin with the command mentioned above.








 That’s it, Thanks for reading! I hope it was informative for you! 







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