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How To Install aaPanel on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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Embark on a seamless journey into web hosting management with aaPanel on the latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release. In this guide, we’ll navigate through the steps, unlocking the potential of your server environment like never before. Let’s dive into the world of streamlined installation and optimization, setting the stage for an efficient and robust hosting experience.



First, make sure you’ve set up a VPSie Account if you haven’t already, then proceed to Deploy the Ubuntu 22.04 server based on your specific needs.


Once the server is deployed, SSH into the command line interface. Before installing any packages, it’s essential to update your system’s package list to ensure you have access to the latest versions. Open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt-get update -y


Install aaPanel

Run the following command to install installation script Installed in just 2 minutes:

URL= && if [ -f /usr/bin/curl ];then curl -ksSO "$URL" ;else wget --no-check-certificate -O "$URL";fi;bash aapanel



After running this command, you will be prompted to confirm the installation of aaPanel in the /var/www/ directory. Type y and press Enter, then wait for the installation to finish.



After the installation is complete, you should see the following output:

Access aaPanel Web Interface

To Access aaPanel, utilize the following URL obtained upon installation completion:



Sign in using the credentials provided upon completing the aaPanel installation.

After logging in, a window displaying all available software options provided by aaPanel will appear. You can freely select what you wish to install or close the window using the option in the top right corner.

You’ll now be greeted with the aaPanel Dashboard, where you can effortlessly familiarize yourself with the aaPanel control panel and experiment with various features.

In conclusion, installing aaPanel on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is a straightforward process that empowers users with a powerful web hosting control panel. By following the steps outlined in the article, users can efficiently set up their server environment, manage websites, and streamline web hosting tasks with ease.

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