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Control Panel - Billing




Billing :



Billing is a page that allows you to check current balance, credit usage, add a new payment method, make a payment, view payment histories and invoices.



  1. Payment Method: We support Credit Card and PayPal payment methods. But you can also add a Voucher code from our site to get free credits.
    1. Credit Card: You need to provide us with Credit Card information like Name, Surname, Number, Expiration Date, and CSV in order to add a Credit Card.
      1. Payment: After your card has been added, you can process payments from your card in this section. You have to set the amount of the payment and select the credit card. If the transaction is successful the amount will be added to your account balance.
    2. Paypal: You have two ways to make Paypal Payments:
      1. One-Time Payment: This payment method is used when you want to make payments before your bill is due.
      2. Recurring Payment: This method is used when you want to make your payments auto every month.
  2. History and Invoices: You will be reported for every transaction and invoice. Also, you will be able to download the list in CSV or PDF format.




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