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Control Panel - Buckets



Here you can create Buckets(storages) to store static data like images, audio, video, etc. You can create Buckets as follows:




Choose a datacenter region: Select one data center in which you want your bucket to be located.



File Configuration: You have to choose if you want to lock your bucket with an access key or not.





Customize default configuration: Set name and the project you want to assign this bucket, after all, steps are done click on “Create Bucket” to create the bucket with the above configurations.





After you have created the Bucket on the same page you will see the list of Buckets and the list of Keys.


Manage Buckets: Here you can copy access key and secret key, change listing configuration and delete Buckets. If you click on Bucket Name you will be send to bucket settings page.




Bucket Settings: Here you can manage Files and folders in your Bucket, upload things, etc.





Manage Keys: Here you can create new Keys for your Buckets.

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