Control Panel - Internet Gateways



Internet Gateways:




Note : It costs 5 dollar 




Here you can create an internet gateway that provides on-demand outbound secure internet access to your VPSie that doesn’t have a public IP configured or enabled as follows:



  • Create internet gateway by choosing the required data center from the “Please Select a DC” drop-down menu and clicking the “Create   Internet Gateway” button.

  • Remove Internet Gateway: Press the red trash bin icon under the “Actions” column in the line of your VPSie in “Internet Gateway” section to completely delete the created Internet Gateway.

  • To attach and detach VPSie: Press the Internet Gateway IP name link(please find the step 2 picture representation) in the line of your VPSie in the “Internet Gateway” section to go inside, Here you can use the toggle to attach and detach VPSie, Move the toggle labeled “OFF” to the right to attach or move the same toggle but labeled “ON” to the left to detach it.

That’s it!