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Control Panel - Internet Gateways

An Internet Gateway (IGW) serves as a crucial conduit for facilitating on-demand outbound secure internet access to virtual machines lacking a configured or enabled public IP address. These gateways are not only essential but also redundant and designed with high availability in mind, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and data security for virtual environments. Through sophisticated architecture and failover mechanisms, IGWs guarantee seamless internet access, safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of transmitted information. 


To set up an internet gateway: Select the desired data center from the dropdown menu labeled Please Select a DC add relevant tags, and then click the Create Internet Gateway button.


Remove Internet Gateway: Press the red trash bin icon under the “Actions” column in the line of your VPSie in “Internet Gateway” section to completely delete the created Internet Gateway.




Attach and Detach VPSie: After setting up an Internet Gateway (IGW) for a particular Datacenter, the current virtual machine (VM) located within the same data center will automatically appear in the IGW settings under Available Server(s).


To access the IGW settings for your VPSie, click on the Internet Gateway IP address (as shown in the image in step 2). Inside, you can use the toggle switch to attach or detach as required. Click the toggle switch on the right to attach, or the one on the left to detach.

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