Control Panel - Automation Script



Automation Script :





Here you can see the list of scripts. You can download the list in CSV and PDF format. If you want to add a new script click on the gear icon.




  1. Add New Script: You will be asked for script name, extension, and content. You will be able to write your script in our script editor.
  2. Automation Scripts: Here again you have the list of scripts but there you are allowed to edit and remove scripts.
    1. Edit Script: To edit you have to click on the pencil icon, after you will have the add new script form completed with script details where you can update your script.
    2. Delete Script: To delete the script you have to click on the trash icon.
  3. Apply Scripts: There you can copy your script to VPSie. You will be asked for a script, to select from VPSies, and the time to apply.

That’s it!