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Automaton Scripts will allow users to automate the deployment of applications and services on their VPSie servers. These scripts can simplify and speed up the process of setting up and configuring various applications and services such as web servers, databases, email servers, and more. The automation scripts are designed to work with VPSie’s cloud hosting platform and can help users to save time and effort in setting up their servers.


Here you can see the list of scripts. You can download the list in CSV and PDF format. If you want to add a new script click on the gear icon.


VPSie Automation Scripts


To add a new script, simply provide its name, extension, and content when prompted. You can conveniently write your script using our built-in script editor. 

You can manage your automation scripts by accessing the list of scripts, where you have the option to edit or remove them.

To edit a script, simply click on the pencil icon next to it. This will bring up a form with the script details, where you can make any necessary updates.

If you wish to delete a script, click on the trash icon next to it. This will remove the script from your list of automation scripts.

To apply scripts to your VPSie VM, select the desired script and choose the corresponding VPSie virtual machine from the dropdown menu. Finally, specify the time at which you want the script to be applied.

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