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Control Panel - Action

Here, you have the ability to oversee the general server attributes of your VPSie, which include,

Rename: In this section, you have the option to modify the hostname by entering a new name in the provided field and clicking on the Apply button. However, it’s important to note that the new hostname must adhere to a short or FODN naming convention. Additionally, be aware that clicking the “Apply” button will initiate a reboot of your VPSie.

Check the Box to Add A Record To An Existing Domain/Subdomain

Add A record and SSL: Here, you can dynamically add a subdomain and an SSL certificate to your VPSie. Simply fill in the sub-domain field, select the associated domain, and then press the Apply button.

Move To Project: In this section, you can relocate your VPSie to a different project by choosing a project from the drop-down menu labeled “Select a project” and then clicking the “Apply” button. This is particularly useful if you have multiple projects within your account.

Push SSH Key: In this section, you can designate an SSH key to be applied to your VPSie by navigating to the Select an SSH key field and choosing from the available list of keys. If you haven’t defined any SSH keys yet, you can create a new one by clicking the “+” button. Once you’ve made your selection, click Apply to push the SSH key. Keep in mind that this action will result in the reboot of your VPSie.

Automate Script Execution: This functionality enables you to specify a script to automatically run during the startup or after a reboot of your VPSie, eliminating the need for manual command line execution. Utilize the Select Startup Script drop down menu to choose a script, and if no script is defined, create one by pressing the “+” button. Upon pressing Apply the script will be pushed, but it will only execute with the next reboot.

Label Management: Use this section to add searchable and indexing tags, facilitating the identification of VPSies with shared roles. Enter your desired tag in the field, separating multiple tags with either a comma “,” or a semicolon “;“. Once you’ve added all relevant tags, click Apply to finalize the labels.

Notes: Feel free to provide a verbal description for documentation purposes related to this VPSie role or include any additional notes. Once you’ve entered the necessary details in the text field, click the “Apply” button to save.

VPSie Lock Feature: The toggle labeled “Lock” serves as a protective measure to prevent inadvertent deletion of your VPSie. To activate this feature, slide the toggle from “OFF” to the right. Once enabled, deleting your VPSie becomes impossible unless you switch the toggle back to “OFF.”

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