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Here you can manage your VPSIE general server attributes, as follows:






Rename: Here you can change the hostname to a new one by entering the new name in the empty field and pressing apply however please notice that you must use a short or FODN naming convention for the hostname and please notice as well that when you press “Apply” button this will reboot your VPSie.






Add A record and SSL: Here you can add on the fly a subdomain and an SSL certificate to your VPSie by filling the sub-domain field and selecting the domain for it then pressing the “Apply” button.






Move To Project: Here you can choose to which project you want to move your VPSie by selecting a project from the drop-down menu labelled “Select a project” then pressing the “Apply” button, assuming you have multiple projects within your account.





Push SSH Key: Here you can select one of your SSH keys to be pushed to your VPSie by pressing the “Select a SSH key” field and selecting from the available list of keys and If you do not have any SSH Keys defined you can press the “+” button to create a new one. When you press the “Apply” button to apply the changes the SSH key is pushed and please notice that your VPSie will be rebooted.






Push and run script: This feature allows you to choose a script to run automatically during the startup or after a reboot of your VPSie without the need to run it from a command-line interface. Press the “Select Startup Script” drop-down menu, and if you have no defined script press the “+” button to create a script. When you press the “Apply” button the script will be pushed however it will run only with the next reboot.






Manage your labels: Here you can add searchable/indexing tags that help in finding VPSies that have a common role. Enter the tag you want in the field containing existing tags or empty, and press the comma “,” or semicolon “;” keys on your keyboard to enter another tag. When you are finished press the “Apply” button.







Notes: Here you can enter a verbal description for the documentation purpose of this VPSie role or any other note you would like to include. After entering the needed details in the text field press the “Apply” button to save it.





Auto Backups: Here you can use the toggle to enable the auto backup feature to ensure your VPSie is backed up. Move the toggle labelled “OFF” to the right to enable this feature or move the same toggle but labelled “ON” to the left to disable it.





Lock Your VPSie: This toggle is a feature that protects you against accidentally deleting your VPSie if you choose that by mistake from the options. Move the toggle labelled “OFF” to the right to enable this feature which then will make it impossible to delete your VPSie unless you switch this toggle labelled “On” to the left.




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