A quick overview of the IP filter




This open-source software package provides firewall functionality as well as network address translation to a number of Unix-like operating systems. FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris are all supported by this open-source firewall. As a kernel loadable module, IPfilter comes with the basic FreeBSD installation. 





The following tutorials will help you troubleshoot IPFilter by providing helpful commands and techniques.






So let’s get start,










Launch IPfilter 



# service ipfilter start





Check out the active packet filtering rules




# ipfstat -io





Remove all filtering rules from the ruleset




ipf -F a





Turn off IPfilter 




# service ipfilter stop





Simple tasks






Permitting SSH but denying everything else





Include the following in /etc/ipf.conf to set up a firewall that blocks everything except SSH on port 22. The example IP address is




block in on any all
pass in quick on any proto tcp from any to port = 22 keep state






That’s it, We hope this guide was informative for you.







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