Install GUI on CentOS 8 or Redhat 8

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Install GUI on CentOS 8 or Redhat 8




The desktop environment is a set of applications and graphical user interfaces for users of Linux operating systems. The command line can prove difficult if you are unfamiliar with it. As such, to learn Linux and become a master of it, it will be beneficial to begin with a graphical user interface. So if you have an RHEL 8 or CentOS 8 server or workstation with no GUI, This method may be suitable for you.






So let’s begin,






Step 1: Set up a VPSie cloud server 





Start by logging into your VPSie account Make a new server, There are several Linux distributions available including CentOS 8 / Redhat 8 on vpsie and after creating one use the credentials that we emailed you to connect to your Cloud Server via SSH.






Refresh Packages :






Here’s the command to update the system. By doing so, you will be sure that all the packages on the server or workstation are updated.




dnf  update







yum update







Step 2: Check out the available environment groups :






Here’s the command we’ll run:


dnf group list






 Available Environment Groups:
   Minimal Install
   Compute Node
   Infrastructure Server
   File and Print Server
   Cinnamon Desktop
   MATE Desktop
   Basic Web Server
   Virtualization Host
   Server with GUI
   GNOME Desktop
   KDE Plasma Workspaces
   Development and Creative Workstation
Available Groups:
   Compatibility Libraries
   Console Internet Tools
   Development Tools
   Educational Software
   Electronic Lab
   Fedora Packager
   General Purpose Desktop
   Graphical Administration Tools
   LXQt Desktop
   Legacy UNIX Compatibility
   Scientific Support
   Security Tools
   Smart Card Support
   System Administration Tools
   System Management
   TurboGears application framework







Step 3: Gnome Desktop installation






Download and install the packages, which can be found in the environment group.



dnf groupinstall "Server with GUI" && dnf groupinstall "Workstation"




The server with GUI downloads about 1 GB of packages. With the Workstation Gnome GUI installation, 1.1 GB of packages will be installed. Please be sure that you have enough storage.







Now, reboot your server.









Change the default target to Graphical user after the system has rebooted.



systemctl set-default graphical





To access the GUI, reboot again.








Login with your credentials,


We hope this information has been helpful to you with the GUI installation.

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