Feb 13, 2021

How to perform a bandwidth speedtest - CentOS Linux VPS one-liner command

To check internet speed you can run a Linux speed test – Here are some details that could help:

There are many reasons you want to check / confirm bandwidth speed on your Linux, Windows server or VPS – Many users are not really familiar with command line so we made this simple one liner command to help them determine the speed using the speedtest cli script.

yum install -y python &&
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py &&
chmod +x speedtest.py &&

If you prefer to get results in a screenshot – replace last command with

./speedtest.py --share

After the test – it’s recommended to clean up by running rm speedtest.py


Sometimes IP detection doesn’t lead to the closest preferred server due to globally serving cloud providers may have IPs registered in locations different than the actual server location – That brings the need to actually specify a specific server close to the known server location deployed – If that’s the case those commands will help

speedtest.py --list
python speedtest.py --server #####

Replace the above #### with the server ID from the list of results

If you still have any questions – feel free to contact VPSie support for help.

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