Control Panel – DNS


Here you can Add and Manage domain as follows:


Add Domain: Here you can provide your domain name, select the VPSie’s IP from the drop-down menu and add tags then click the Add Domain button. After you have added the domain to your account you have to update the NS(Name Server) records for your domain Which is shown in this picture, you can copy that name by clicking on the NS name.


DNS - control panel manual


After adding you can see the created domain here,


1. By clicking on this icon you can get into the domain settings where you can manage the records as well.


2. In this tutorial we use a not verified domain, so make sure that you are using a verified one otherwise you will see this warning sign.


3. By clicking on this you can export a text file it will contain the Zones.


4. Here you are allowed to delete the domain by clicking on the trash icon.


5. You can download the domain list in CSV and PDF format.





Manage records : Here you can add and manage different records by selecting the corresponding record section, currently, it is showing the A record. For example if you need to select the “CNAME” record click on the CNAME tag labeled there and then fill out the form and press the blue”+“add button to add the record successfully.





Editing and deleting  records : Here you can edit the record by clicking on the pencil icon and it will allow you to edit the name and IPv4 address of this record and press the save button, You can delete this record by clicking on the trash icon.

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