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Control Panel – DNS


Here you can Add and Manage domain as follows:


To include a domain, provide the domain name, select the project, and attach a tag to finalize the addition to your account. Once added, proceed to update the VPSie NS (Name Server) records for your domain controller (e.g., GoDaddy). Refer to the image provided to copy the NS name by clicking on it.

Once your domain has been added, you’ll find it listed in the domain section.

On the left-hand side:

simply click on the <–> icon to access the domain settings, where you can manage records and more.

On the right-hand side:

  • Verify if the domain is verified with a green tick mark.
  • Export the zones by clicking on the Download icon, which generates a text file.
  • Delete the domain by clicking on the Red Trash Bin icon.
  • Download the domain list in CSV or PDF format by clicking on the respective icon.

After accessing the Domain management page, you have the ability to add and oversee various records by choosing the relevant record section. 

Presently, the A record is displayed. To illustrate, if you wish to opt for the CNAME record, simply click on the labeled CNAME tag, proceed to complete the form, and finalize the process by clicking the blue + add button for successful record addition.

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