Control Panel - Account Permissions


 Account Permissions 




Here you can manage Roles & Permissions and Invite Users to your account.


  1. Roles & Permissions: Here you have the main tab to add new roles and the others that are roles you have created 
    1. Add New Role: You will be asked only for a Role Name to add a new role.
    2. Manage Role: You can enable and disable by toggle the button specific Permissions for a specific role.
  2. Users: Here you can see the list of invited users or invite new users. You can download the list in PDF and CSV formats.
    1. Invite new user: You will be asked for user email and the role you want to assign. After you click the Invite new user button an invite will be sent to email.
    2. Change Role: In the list, you have the swap icon which shows a dialog to assign a new role to the user.
    3. Revoke Invitation or Remove User: You can revoke an invitation or remove a user from your account by clicking on the trash icon.

That’s it!