VPSie in a nutshell


How is VPSie offering unique?  Why our VPS offering is different?



Custom developed platform (in house)
We own our IPs, ASN, Peering
We own our hardware from core to edge (not leased)
Proven model setup/design
10+ years of hosting / DC experience
Business Critical 
100% uptime maintained
Tier 3+ Datacenters NY, VA, CA and Amsterdam
Enterprise class hardware
Premium peering and bandwidth.
Low latency network.
Custom tailored solutions.
Cloud Security 
Tier3+ security at every datacenter
Strong root/Admin password protection
SSH keys automated injection
Isolated dedicated network
Account level security.
Action logs on VPSie level
Data backups off host periodically.
Instant activation.
30 seconds VPSie creation for Linux OS
Less than 2 minutes Windows guests creation
40 seconds creation for One-Click APPs
2 minutes SSD disk resize
1 minute dedicated firewall
Instant resize CPU, Memory
Powerful Networking options
Dedicated Public IPv4, Public IPv6
Private Network
Unmetered private network.
Additional IPs (public, Private) one click.
Flexible Recovery options
Instant snapshot.
On-demand Backups.
Daily automatic backups.
Clone template/image duplication options.
Restore features.
True Cloud (Only provider who offers that)
Private Cloud Solution (PCS)
Dedicated firewall.
Private network.
Full NATting features
Dedicated port forward.
Selective internet access.
Inbound/outbound traffic control


Powerful Management
Direct console access.
Full screen console access.
Power status (soft/hard) on/off/reboot
Rename on APP and hostname within OS
Reference notes extended
Automated Root Password changes (Windows, Linux, APPs)

Full DNS management
DNS management.
rDNS management.
Multiple nameservers (NS)
Instant DNS propagation
Reverse DNS IPv4, IPv6
Backup/Restore DNS settings
Scaling and productivity functions
Resize individual resources, CPU, Memory and SSD Disk
Increase / decrease resources at anytime.
Hourly billing.
Unmatched Support
Live chat support
Live phone support
20 minutes ticket response
Smart tickets routing based on priority
Tickets, Support, Chat all in one platform
Open for new ideas – Flexible
On-demand support engineers
Real Friendly/Knowledgeable support team (Try it)
OS variety
All common Linux favors.
Custom ISO upload.
Windows server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012 R2
No single point of failure
Redundant Network
Redundant Power
Redundant SSD Storage
BGP4 Peering – Multiple carriers.


Best prices available
One month free
Scaling only resources you need
when you need it.
Flexible hourly billing.
Prepaid model (no surprises)
Low rate managed services
PayPal + Major credit cards accepted.


Pre-made applications.
One click cPanel, WordPress, Zabbix , ClearOS,
LEMP, PrestaShop, SugarCRM and many more.

Extra Visibility
Utilization graphs in real time.
Alerts and account audits.
Bios / Boot console access.
Developer Friendly
Powerful API
White label reselling
WHMCS module.
Configure once sell multiple model.
Practical Referral
Instant referral credits 
Easy invitation options
Social invitation one click.
Gmail contact invitations.
Spread the love with free month invitation to friends.
Invite others anonymously while getting credit.
Our team is working hard to deliver the best possible experience for our clients and we constantly adding new features, enhancements periodically.
We are open for your feedback, If you have questions – comments or would like to share a nice idea/story please email : ideas {@} vpsie.com or chat with us today!

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