Feb 12, 2015

Installing MySql server in CentOS 7.0 Linux VPS

CentOS 7.0 based VPSies will not contain mysql-server yum package. This is because in CentOS release 7.0 it has been replaced by MariaDB, a successful fork from MySql. For interested parties, MySQL folks have created a special repository for RHEL5/6/7 based platforms as well Fedora 20 and 21. The following two links will provide all necessary information to install MySql server in Centos 7: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-repo-excerpt/5.6/en/linux-installation-yum-repo.html http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/repo/yum/  

You can actually try this database installation  on our platform in few minutes utilizing our PCS (Private Cloud Solution) which allows you to have VPSie(s) on a private network – NAT – Port forward – traffic control for inbound and outbound – multiple gateway IPs which you could use for the load-balancing and failover.