How to Install Metasploit Framework on Ubuntu 18.04





In addition to many other tools and utilities, Metasploit is an open-source project which is very effective at identifying hidden vulnerabilities. With Metasploit, you can exploit the same methods used by hackers to probe and infiltrate networks. Metasploitable systems are vulnerable systems that can be used for exploiting and testing security. In some cases, Metasploit may be illegal if used to scan an environment or network that you are not authorized to scan.






So here we’ll explain How to Install Metasploit Framework on Ubuntu 18.04.







Step 1: Getting your system up and running






  1. Sign in to your system or register a newly created one by logging in to your VPSie account
  2. Connect by SSH using the credentials we emailed you.
  3. Once you have logged into your Ubuntu instance, run these commands to update your system.
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y




In order to clone the repositories, GIt must be installed first. To install GIt, please run the following command.







Step 2: Install Metasploit






The following command will install the required dependencies,  You may need to wait a few minutes for dependencies to be installed.  



apt install -y build-essential zlib1g zlib1g-dev libpq-dev libpcap-dev libsqlite3-dev ruby ruby-dev




By running the following command in your home directory, you can install Metasploit Framework,





Use the below command to create a directory in your home. And then change the directory,



# mkdir apps
# cd apps





The repository can be cloned to make updating easier in case msfupdate fails. Use the command below,



git clone




As soon as the above steps have been successfully completed, Metasploit can now be installed using the following commands:



# cd metasploit-framework/
# sudo gem install bundler
# bundle install







Step 3: Using Metasploit







The next step is to run Metasploit in the Metasploit-frame directory on the command line, and you can do so by running the following command,






Now, the MSFS-6 console will be displayed if everything went according to plan.








Step 4: configure the system






Specify your name,




# git config --global "Your name"




Specify your email,




git config --global "[email protected]"




Run the following command from within the Metasploit-framework directory,




. /msfupdate

Thanks for reading! I hope it was informative for you! 







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