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How To Install Cmatrix on Ubuntu

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Cmatrix is a popular terminal-based program that simulates the visual effects of the digital rain seen in the iconic Matrix movie series. It creates a stream of falling green characters, providing an engaging and nostalgic experience for fans of the films and enthusiasts of terminal customization. This article will guide you through the steps to install Cmatrix on an Ubuntu system, enabling you to bring the mesmerizing Matrix code effect to your terminal.



To begin, ensure you’ve established a VPSie Account if you haven’t yet. Then, move forward by deploying the Ubuntu server tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Once the server is deployed, SSH into the command line interface. Before installing any packages, it’s essential to update your system’s package list to ensure you have access to the latest versions. Open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt-get update -y

Install Cmatrix

Run the following command to download and installs Cmatrix from the official Ubuntu repositories, making the program available for use on your terminal. 

sudo apt install cmatrix

Once the installation is finished, launch Cmatrix by typing:


After installation, you can confirm that Cmatrix is properly installed by checking its version:

cmatrix -V

Basic Cmatrix Options

Cmatrix offers several options to customize its appearance and behavior. Here are some detailed options you can use:


-b: Enables bold characters on the Matrix display, making the characters appear more intense.


-s: “Screensaver” mode, which runs the Matrix effect until a key is pressed. This is useful if you want the effect to run indefinitely.


-u [delay]: Sets the screen update delay in microseconds. For example, -u 50000 sets the delay to 50 milliseconds, making the characters fall faster.


-C [color]: Changes the text color. You can specify colors like green, red, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, and white. For example, -C blue changes the text color to blue.


-a: Enables asynchronous scroll, where characters fall independently, creating a more chaotic and less uniform appearance.


-r: Reverses the falling characters, making them scroll upwards instead of downwards.


-x: Displays X Window mode, useful if you are running a graphical session.


-l: Displays the Linux kernel logo at random intervals within the stream of characters.


Customizing Cmatrix

Suppose you want to set up Cmatrix to run in screensaver mode with bold, red text, an update delay of 50 milliseconds, and asynchronous scroll. Here is how you can do it:



Run the following command:

cmatrix -s -b -C red -u 50000 -a



Explanation of the command:



-s: Runs Cmatrix in screensaver mode.

-b: Enables bold characters.

-C red: Sets the text color to red.

-u 50000: Updates the screen every 50 milliseconds (50000 microseconds).

-a: Enables asynchronous scroll, making characters fall independently.



By combining these options, you create a unique and visually appealing Matrix effect tailored to your preferences.


Cmatrix is a fun and visually appealing tool that brings a bit of nostalgia and tech flair to your terminal. Give it a try and enjoy watching the classic falling code rain right on your screen!

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