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Control Panel - PCS

Private Cloud Service (PCS) – In less than a minute, your private resources will be securely protected behind a dedicated firewall. Through our portal, you can now accomplish tasks that previously took hours, ensuring the safeguarding of your private cloud infrastructure and granting you full control over all traffic flow. 




Note : This feature is available by invitation only! 



Activation and deactivation of the PCS can be done through toggles conveniently located in each section. Once activated, VPSie will prompt you to provide your email address to send an invitation.

To integrate an existing Server into PCS:  simply select your desired VPSie from the dropdown labeled Select a Server then proceed by clicking the Add Server to PCS button.

Alternatively, to Add a new server into PCS, complete the provided form and finalize the process by clicking the Add new Server to PCS button.

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