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PCS (Private Cloud Service) – Within a minute you will have all your private resources behind a dedicated firewall, within our portal you will be able to perform tasks that used to take hours protecting your private cloud infrastructure and getting you in control of all the traffic.






Note : This feature is available by invitation only! 





Here you can enable and manage Private Cloud Solution (PCS) and it is a cutting edge solution to fill the gap between public and private networks with simplicity.






You can enable and Disable the PCS by using the toggle placed in each location, After enabling the PCS VPSie will ask your email address to send an invitation.





Adding existing VPSie to PCS : Using this field, you can add your existing VPSie directly to PCS, As a first step, choose your existing VPSie from the drop-down menu labeled “Select a VPSie” and then press the “Add VPSie to PCS” button.





Adding new VPSie to PCS : The next field is to create a new VPSie and add it directly to PCS, Fill out the form and press the “Add new VPSie to PCS” button.


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