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Where to find Windows 2012/2012 R2 Log Files?

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How can you find Windows 2012/2012 R2 Log Files?

This post will reduce your efforts to identify which log to refer to and where to find it. This can be very useful when you are troubleshooting issues on an Essentials server. We have compiled a list of important logs and their associated wizards below. There can be issues where we may have to refer to multiple logs.


This guide should help you identify which Windows log file is for what – Its helpful in troubleshooting on 2012 server or Essential server.

Most if not all of important log files and can be found in this list – note sometimes for some strange issues you may need to refer to more than one log in order to complete proper troubleshooting and hopefully fix it:)

Server-side Logs:

In Windows Server Essentials 2012 and 2012 R2, the location of the log files is under


%programdata%\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs.


Service Integration Log Files:

O365/On-Premise Exchange/Intune SharedServiceHost-EmailProviderServiceConfig.log
Windows Azure Backup OnlineBackupGettingStartedWizard.log

Backup Log Files:

Server Backup Configuration wizardSBCW.log
Server Backup restore wizardServerFFR.log
Client Backup Feature server side logBackup-<date>.log
Client backup database cleanupRunTask-BackupCleanup.log
Client backup database checkerRunTask-Consistency check

Storage and Devices Log Files:

User/Device management featureSharedServiceHost-ManagementServiceConfig.log
Storage featuresStorageservice.<date>.log
Storage related featureStorageutil.<date>.log

Azure Backup Log Files:

Location: C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Backup Agent\Temp
Azure Backup LogsCBEngineCurr.errlog
Failed Azure Backup LogsLastBackupFailedFile#####.txt

Other Helpful Log Files:

DC PromoDCPromo_date.log
Health evaluation schedule taskRunTask-AlertEvaluation.log
Macintosh Clients Status updateRunTask-MacintoshStatusReport.log
Server DNS statusServerBeacon.log
Customer Experience ImprovementRunTask-SaveCustomerExperienceImprovementProgramData.log

Program and Service Quality Measurement Log Files:

CA Role installationCA_ROLE_INSTALL.log
Media pack installation (2012 R2)MediaPackInstalltionWizard.xxxx.log
Media Service (Specially with RWA)MediaStreamingProvider.log
O365 (Assign/Un-assign Accounts)TaskStatus-OIMAddin.log


Client-side Logs:

The client-side log files are located in the folder

 %programdata%\Microsoft\Windows Server\logs.

They are as:

Client DeploymentClientDeploy.log
Client package installation FailuresComputerConnector.log
Client backup restore mount driverBackupDriverInstaller.log
Client operation for File history SyncClientOperator.log
Main log for client launch padLaunchPad.log
Password synchronization feature in AADPasswordSyncClientAlerts.log
Add-in feature on clientRunTask-Add-in Management.log
Health evaluation schedule taskRunTask-AlertEvaluation.log
Client Backup scheduled taskRunTask-ClientComputeBackkup.log
Connector uninstall cleanup taskRunTask-Connector cleanup.log
Update health definition file from server to client taskRunTask-HealthDefinitionUpdate.log
RDP feature for RWARunTask-RDP Group Configuration.log
Client VPN connectivity issuesRunTask-VPN Routes Repair.log
Client network status updateServerLocator-<date>.log
Client deployment API call (Client deployment fails)
Health alert featureSharedServiceHost-HealthServiceConfig.log

The above logs should be able to guide you through the process of troubleshooting effectively on Essentials relevant issues.

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