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The immense benefits of using VPSie Private Cloud Solution (PCS)

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VPSie The Super Solutions for Private Cloud Solution (PCS)

Business environment is becoming more and more competitive therefore old school solutions no longer work!

In order fill the needs of an ever-changing business landscape, VPSie has come up with a Private Cloud Solution (PCS.)

VPSie Private Cloud Solution is custom-designed for your business or organization. What really makes VPSie Private Cloud Solution (PCS) stand out is the plethora of connectivity options you can choose from. For one thing,

you could launch multiple instances in a subnet (short for “subnetworks”). Subnet is private ip range of 254 IP addresses dedicated to your account within selected datacenter. Basically a firewall between your VPSie(s) on private network and the public Internet, You can configure multiple internet gateways as needed.

We at VPSie know how important is for companies to have a high-security level. Using our Virtual Private Cloud, you will have fine-grained security settings to protect your cloud assets. such as port forwarding, selective internet access, 1:1 NAT features, inbound / outbound traffic control,  You will be able to create firewall rules in few clicks. You can also extend your network into the cloud with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a VPG (Virtual Private Gateway) through our Virtual Private Cloud. This way you are able to create a secure connection from your own datacenter / office network / even your clients office up to VPSie Private Virtual Cloud.

You can connect your Private Cloud to your dedicated environment. This way you have the flexibility of having a scalable, on – demand resources. VPSie provides you with a scalable architecture, too.

We know how important is for you to keep all data secure and intact. Security and privacy are major concerns for every company and organization.  To cater to these needs, VPSie has come up with a private cloud firewall, dedicated to each client. Another additional security layer is the Network Access Control List (ACLs), which serves a firewall for managing traffic inside and out of your subnet.  VPSie Private Cloud Solution (PCS) lets you store data across our four and growing data centers in the US and another datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Using our Private Cloud Solution, you get to benefit additional features in the disaster recovery arena.

You can isolate your resources from hardware failures. For instance, if you have a hardware failure in a part of your Private Cloud, those resources can be moved to another part of the Private Cloud. VPSie allows you to extend your existing systems into your own Private cloud. It doesn’t matter if you have to launch multiple web servers, add storage or simply add more computing capacity; you can move all your applications to our Private Cloud and also connect your Virtual Private Cloud to your corporate network.  

Another benefit to using VPSie Private Virtual Cloud is the seamless integration with your existing network. With VPSie Private Cloud Solution, you can also assign many IP addresses and connect network interfaces to instances in your own VPSie Private Cloud. 

VPSie is happy to provide you with various backup options, either when you create your VPSie account or in any moment after creation. Our Private Virtual Cloud environment is highly secure, scalable and low cost. You pay only for what you consume. You can always scale your resources up and down, depending on your business’s needs.  VPSie is happy to provide you with the Private Cloud Solution that is just right for your business. You ask. We deliver. 

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