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OpenCart Online Shop Website System

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OpenCart Online Shop Website System

OpenCart is an open-source PHP-based online shopping cart system. A well made and regularly updated CMS e-commerce solution. Using OpenCart Internet merchants can create their own online business and participate in e-commerce at a minimal cost. OpenCart is designed to be feature-rich, easy to use, search engine friendly, and with a visually appealing interface to customers and admins.

The easiest, fastest, and most straightforward way to install OpenCart is to install using a Website Control Panel with a softaculous license, also known as a one-click installer. VPSie recommends using Softaculous on a VPSie server, and cPanel would be our recommended web panel.

OpenCart, a free web-based online shop store system and website, written in PHP. The web-based business stage works pleasantly on any Ubuntu worker working as an Internet worker, and MySQL or OpenCart is distributed under the GNU General public Permit.

Since its initial improvement in 1998, OpenCart is used by many online stores since it is anything but difficult to create, utilize, and arrange/edit your online store. Furthermore, many discussions and web articles address customers’ trouble spots while using PC programming.

OpenCart has gotten a great deal of help from developers who keep on dispatching a considerable number of modules and dazzling subjects that you may use to run your shop. The shopping basket additionally underpins a multi-store climate and is SEO amicable.

In this guide, we will see the fundamental strides of introducing and running OpenCart in your own Ubuntu 18.04 worker.


A VPSie with Operating System (OS) Ubuntu 18.04 (64Bit)

A non-root client utilizing Sudo advantages (Or run as root and eliminate su from orders and change client later if necessary for security reasons)

Stage 1: Update your worker pack vault

When introducing any product on Ubuntu, It’s a Good Idea to run the order underneath to refresh the bundle’s data:

$ sudo well-suited get a redesign

Stage 2: Install Apache

Apache is a web-worker that has a lion-piece of the pie. It’s exceptionally secure and incorporates loads of incredible highlights (e.g., mod_rewrite, SSL administration, Virtual hosts), and these make it sound for directing OpenCart internet business PC programming.

To introduce Apache, run the order beneath:

$ sudo well-suited get set up apache2

Stage 3: Install Maria Db

MariaDB is an open-source information base application that is reasonably versatile, secure, and easy to use. We’ll use it on the OpenCart site to store information, customers, instalment strategies, charge rates, transporting techniques, e.t.c.

Run the order beneath to introduce MariaDB in your own Ubuntu 18.04 worker.

$ sudo able get set up MariaDB-worker MariaDB-customer

At that point, secure your MariaDB case by composing the accompanying:

The order above permits you to eliminate unknown logins, test information bases, and spot a definite secret word for the root client. It likewise furnishes you with an alternative to impair distant admittance to a MariaDB worker for security purposes. Press Y and Input when provoked to change a choice.

Make OpenCart information base and client.

Sign in to your MariaDB worker following the order below. You will be asked to enter a secret key.

At that point, run the accompanying SQL orders to make an information base and a client:

  • TO ‘ocuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘Secret key’ WITH GRANT OPTION;



Remember to replace password’ with the correct data.

Stage 4: Install PHP and modules

So we need to introduce it as the host side scripting language to get our OpenCart site with all the orders beneath:

$ sudo well-suited get introduce PHP libapache2-mod-PHP

$ sudo able get introduce php-cli php-regular php-mbstring php-gd php-intl php-xml php-mysql php-zip

php-twist php-xmlrpc

$ sudo systemctl restart apache2

Stage 5: Download the most recent arrival of OpenCart

Move to the/tmp registry and download the Most Recent stable arrival of OpenCart by composing the orders underneath:

$ cd/tmp

$ wget

Unfasten substance

After, ‘ Zip’ is downloaded, unfasten it by composing the accompanying:

$ sudo able to introduce unfasten

$ unfasten

The substance of the ‘ Zip’ will be unfastened to ‘/’ tmp/transfer’ organizer.

Move the catalog content into the root of your site utilizing the order underneath:

$ sudo mv transfer//var/www/html/opencart

Stage 6: Configure Opencart

Duplicate the necessary OpenCart design archives by composing:

$ sudo cp/var/www/html/opencart/administrator/config-dist.php/var/www/html/opencart/administrator/config.php

Stage 7: Change the catalog proprietorship

The OpenCart catalog should be writable by the Apache webserver. Henceforth we can change the registry proprietorship by composing the accompanying:

At that point, we need to set the Ideal consents to the catalog with the orders under:

$ sudo chmod – R 755/var/www/HTML/open cart/

Stage 8: Enable change module

Run the order beneath to empower the module and restart Apache

$ sudo a2enmod change

$ sudo systemctl restart apache2

Measure 9: Finalizing the arrangement

You would now be able to finish the establishment by visiting your space name or IP address on the program. For Example, if your IP address is, visit, and You’ll see a settings screen.

Peruse the arrangement and snap-on ‘Proceed’ to move.

The accompanying screen will show the pre-establishment information to ensure that your establishment is set up as required.

At long last, you’ll need to choose a DB driver (select PDO) and info the information base qualities that you made beforehand, as demonstrated as follows. You will likewise have to make a username and a secret phrase to login into your OpenCart administrator office.

End of your advanced tutorial on installing OpenCart on a VPSie (VPS Server)

That is an ideal approach to introduce OpenCart Shopping Cart in your own Ubuntu 18.04 worker. You would now be able to start setting up your online shop/store by making an index, setting up pricing, and general setup of the website. For the best insight, you should run OpenCart on a domain name that has an SSL authentication for security. We hope you enjoyed this guide on making your own online shop store website aka e-commerce website.

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