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Easy and simple Server servers Login PuTTY Easy



Install the free application PuTTY and run it. Make sure the latest version of PuTTY is installed to ensure a successful connection to your server or VPS using SSH. It is well known that older versions have issues with connecting.

Download PuTTY

Use PuTTY SSH Application to manage your servers using SSH
How do i or would i log in to my server using PuTTY?

Open PuTTY and enter your Hostname/Website name or an IP Address in the Hostname box, or IP Address field. The default port will be 22.
Click on the Open button to open the command line window (SSH)

In the command line window type in the SSH username (usually: root) at the login prompt and then click open on the PuTTY Application, or simply press enter on your keyboard.

Username: root

root password: your VPSie server password

If not username root after logging in use this command:


Are you wondering How do i login as root? You need to use any one of the following commands to log in as superuser/root user on any Linux machine: su command – Run a command with substitute user and group ID in Linux.

sudo command – Execute a command as another user on Linux. Basically just type: su (typing su means super user, after typing su you will usually be asked for password unless you are logged in as root aka su.


What is the root SSH password for my VPS?
Your VPSie server root password would be the same password you use to login to your VPSie server, this would have been sent to you in the initial welcome email.

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