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How to install Redaxscript on a VPSie

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What is Redaxscript and how would i install Redaxscript on a VPSie (VPS Server)

Redaxscript is a super lightweight site engine, disentangling the universe of complex online tasks. Experience the fate of website composition and advancement – abandon the disarray and fabricate sites naturally.


As a user of Redaxscript, you will be satisfied with both the Developer side and the Designer side of website editing/development. Here are the perks that come with each:

Developer Features:

Database Abstraction 

An article social mapper and familiar inquiry manufacturer give a biased and normalized reflection layer for SQLite, MSSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL data sets. 

Docker Container 

Appreciate the zero setup option in contrast to virtual machines. The compartment is made for designers to form and introduce Redaxscript with the required climate under two minutes. 

Console Interface 

Execute a valuable assortment of incredible orders from the terminal or directly from the program. Mechanize your establishments, reinforcements, imports, and different undertakings. 

Keen Caching 

Try not to stress over scaling. A basic yet powerful document reserving for resources and pages adjusts high worker burdens to reasonably convey your site. 

Extensible System 

Try not to be reluctant to compose your modules and layouts. Redaxscript has assembled an adaptable, effective, and extensible framework design to be available to the eventual fate of frontend and backend advancement. 

Access Control 

Take control. Make various clients and gatherings with authorizations as per their ideal job. Limit admittance to substance and modules to specific communities. 

Rocket Fast 

Great execution is the basic standard behind this task. Redaxscript has spent valuable hours making the quickest substance on the executive’s framework earth. 

Ultra Lightweight 

Say goodbye to bloatware. Redaxscript loves the rule of keeping highlights and intricacy as basic as could be expected. There is no motivation to rehash another WordPress. 

Strong Security 

Security is anything but a game of trying out your odds. An impenetrable channel instrument gives complete protection against all sorts of XSS assaults and SQL infusions. 

Incredible Documentation 

Redaxscript gives you documentation on GitHub to allow individuals to contribute fixes and enhancements. Alter the report and send a draw demand with your changes.

Designer Features:

Responsive Design 

Redaxscript used more than twenty years of mastery in website composition to make an amazing client experience across cell phones and PCs. 

Grunt Stack 

Use the well-known assignment sprinter to improve events, perform quality affirmation and mechanize various undertakings for endless combination and organization. 

Present-day CSS 

They were built with PostCSS, the replacement to SASS and LESS. Redaxscript made a complex segment based design following the semantic naming show of NCSS. 

Resource Management 

Oversee and pack your base, format, and module resources with a bunch of exquisite layout labels. The great pieces of Zend View intensely propelled that. 

Separate the boundaries and rejuvenate your thoughts. No restrictions are making special formats; Redaxscript can redo even the organization to your requirements. 

Unleashed Theming 

SEO Friendly 

Web indexes are infatuated with profoundly advanced sites that perform well in devices like PageSpeed and Yslow. There is a huge load of highlights past that to help your positioning. 


Make, alter and distribute your substance with the most exceptional rich content tool. Intuitive pictures to the manager to trigger robotized document moves to your worker. 

Coordinated Administration 

There are a bunch of valuable toolbars and boards not withstanding an exemplary organization sees. Explore the ideal substance on your site and begin altering. 

Establishment Wizard 

Redaxscript put extraordinary exertion into making a clear establishment wizard give non-specialized clients an accommodating hand. The normal establishment time for Redaxscript is around one minute. 

Framework Notification 

Framework and module related notices are gathered in the administrator board. Get educated about various types of announcements to fix issues in a matter of moments.

How to install Redaxscript on a VPSie (VPS Server)

If you want to finish the installation fast, download the script packages in the background, use this method.

Note: Before starting the installation, make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled. For that, go to WHM and click on Tweak Settings. Please ensure that the Ioncube loader is selected for the backend copy of PHP. Now SSH to your server and enter the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755

./ –quick

Full Softaculous Installation Information


● A server with cPanel (follow separate instructions for another website control panel)

● If you have a firewall, then please allow access to download all packages from *

Note: Please allow access to the following domains to your firewall as these are the mirrors used to download the script packages. # # # # # #

Installing Softaculous

Note: Before starting the installation, make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled. You may refer to the following guide Enable_Ioncube_cPanel. Please ensure that the Ioncube loader is selected for the backend copy of PHP. Now SSH to your server and enter the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755


Now go to WHM > Plugins (Add-Ons on older versions than 11) > Softaculous – Instant Installs.

You should now see the installation was successful for Softaculous, and you can now go ahead and install Redaxscript with softaculous using 1 or 2 clicks.

Original author: Author- Yostina Ayad @VPSie

Redaxscript is an open-source content management system (CMS) that is designed to be lightweight, fast, and easy to use. It is particularly popular among developers and webmasters who need a simple and efficient way to manage website content.

A VPSie is a virtual private server (VPS) that is hosted in the cloud. It provides users with a scalable and flexible hosting solution that can be customized to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Yes, you can install Redaxscript on a VPSie by following the installation instructions provided by the Redaxscript documentation.

The advantages of using Redaxscript on a VPSie include scalability, flexibility, customizability, and reliability.

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