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How to install PHP-Nuke on a VPSie

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How to install PHP-Nuke on a VPSie

What is PHP-Nuke and how to install it on a VPSie (VPS Server)

PHP-Nuke is a web-based automatic news publishing, content management system, and portal solution. PHP-Nuke is specially designed to be utilized in Intranets and Internet. The site administrator has total control of his or her Website, registered users and will have, in PHP-Nuke, a robust assembly of tools to keep an active and 100% interactive web site using databases.


The most crucial goal of PHP-Nuke is to enable a webmaster to create a community-based portal site, with an automatic web site allowing users and editors to post news things (reviewers choose user-submitted news items). Modules could be added to the PHP-Nuke system, allowing the webmaster to add more features (such as an Internet forum or calendar) to their PHP-Nuke setup and the core modules like news, FAQ, and private messaging. The entire system is maintained by administrators using the web-based management section.

It’s not essential to know HTML to utilize PHP-Nuke. Users only need to be aware of the fundamental functions to alter something via the system management included in PHP-Nuke. The system is designed to perform all of its tasks automatically, utilizing the user’s preferred web browser. There’s no need to edit documents on your server.

PHP-Nuke is based on PHP and MySQL. PHP-Nuke is designed to be very flexible and customizable, easy and pleasant to use, and a favorite for webmasters who pass hours administrating their websites.

The standard modules that are part of the core PHP-Nuke system comprise:

Advertising: Manages ads on the page layout (theme). Supports images/links, JavaScript/HTML, and flash

Content: Manages the primary material “pages” of this Website

Encyclopedia: A simple module for handling phrases/words and their definitions.

FAQ: Manages the often-asked questions (FAQ) for the Website. It’s an internet forum but supplies the comments via email.

Newsgroups: Manages discussion forums to the Website. It’s founded on bb2nuke, which is a PHP-Nuke port of the popular open-source PHPBB discussion board.

Journal: A simple module that permits users to maintain public and private notes. It supports future-dating news to be in a position to be released at a particular date and time.

Private Messages: Allows members to send personal messages to you along with others on the site. Members can decide not to allow other members to send them private messages.

Search: permits users to search your site to locate information.

Statistics: Displays summary and comprehensive data regarding your Website, for example, the number of page views by visitors.

Many more.

PHP-Nuke can support several different languages.

How to install PHP-Nuke on a VPSie (VPS Server)

Use our one-click cPanel app setup or manually install cPanel or any website control panel of your choice. You can also use no panel and install apache or nginx with MySQL using Centos or any VPSie operating system listed in your VPSie management panel.

Once you have your Website control panel installed, you can then setup PHP-Nuke using Softaculous 1 click auto-installer.

Install Softaculus in cPanel (Other website control panels will differ)

Quick Installation

If you wish to finish the installation quickly and then download the script packages in the background, use this method below:

Note: Before starting the installation, make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled. For that, go to WHM and click on Tweak Settings. Please make sure that the Ioncube loader is selected for the backend copy of PHP. Now SSH to your server and enter the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755

./ –quick


  • A server with cPanel (follow different instructions for a separate website control panel)
  • If you have a firewall, then please allow access to download all packages from *

Note: Please allow access to the following domains to your firewall as these are the mirrors used to download the script packages. # # # # # #

Installing Softaculous

Note: Before starting the installation, make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled. You may refer to the following guide Enable_Ioncube_cPanel. Please make sure that the Ioncube loader is selected for the backend copy of PHP. Now SSH to your server and enter the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755


Now go to: WHM > Plugins (Add-Ons on older versions than 11) > Softaculous – Instant Installs

You should now see the installation was successful!

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