Control Panel - Managed DB




Managed DB Cluster is a resilient managed database offering providing redundancy and high performance. Get access to the database without all the overhead associated with it, Managed services designed from the ground up to provide high availability cluster on-demand at a fraction of the cost Currently MySQL database is supported, Support for other database engines is in the way.






Note : This feature is available by invitation only!






Here you can Create managed DB cluster as follows :





Choose a datacenter region: Select one data center in which you want your Managed DB to be located.





Choose a plan: Here, choose a plan based on your needs.







Here you can choose the database engine from the “Select an engine” drop-down, Cluster name will automatically be updated when you select your datacenter location, you don’t have to do anything there. Select one project from the “Your project” drop-down and then press the “Create cluster” button to create your managed database cluster successfully.




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