Control Panel - Danger

Here you can delete a VPSie or reinstall it from scratch with a new OS, which will destroy all existing applications, data, and backups. Please notice that you cannot delete here a locked VPSie, you have to unlock it first to be able to delete it. You can take the actions here as follows:

Delete a VPSie: In the “Delete” section press the red “Delete” button and it will delete your current VPSie, please notice that this will destroy everything; the operating system, applications, data, snapshots, and backups.

Reinstall a VPSie: In the “Reinstall” section, select from “Select an OS” the desired operating system, enter in the field “Enter Hostname” a new hostname for your VPSie, then press “Select a Startup Script” drop-down menu where you can select an existing or create a new startup script, then choose from “Select a SSH Key” dropdown menu an existing or create a new SSH key and finally press the blue “Reinstall” button.

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