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Control Panel - Danger

Here, you have the option to either delete a VPSie or reinstall it with a new OS, a process that will erase all existing applications, data, and backups. Please note that locked VPSies cannot be deleted; they must be unlocked first. You can take the following actions:

Go to the Delete section and click on the red “Delete” button. This action will erase all contents, including the operating system, applications, data, snapshots, and backups.

Navigate to the Reinstall section. From the Select an OS dropdown menu, choose the desired operating system. Enter a new hostname for your VPSie in the Enter Hostname field. Then, select a startup script from the “Select a Startup Script” dropdown menu or create a new one if needed. Next, choose an existing SSH key or create a new one from the Select a SSH Key dropdown menu if needed. Finally, click on the blue Reinstall button to complete the process.

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