Control Panel – Project





Project :




Here you can create and manage your Projects as follows:





Create Projects : You can simply create Projects by clicking on the “Create a New Project” blue button and write down the Project name and press the save button.




  • You can go to the Manage project section by clicking the “see more” link is shown in the above step or you can go to My Account < My profile section there you can see the link which will direct you to the manage projects section.

  • Manage Projects: Here You can see all the projects that you have created if you want to add a new one you can use the “Blue add button” on the top right corner.

  • Move resources into a project: You can move the resources into the project by clicking on the icon marked below that action will open a new popup window, where you can select resources from VPSie’s or buckets from the drop-down menu shown below and then press the “Apply” button.


  • Delete Projects : You can delete the project by clicking the red trash bin that appears.


  • Add a new VPSie : You can add a new VPSie by clicking on the blue “+” button.

That’s it!